First dances come in all shapes, sizes and forms – and wonderfully so. There are no rules around what a first dance should be like, and as such I’ve seen epic dances that are professionally choreographed to the full track, those that are a couple of shuffle steps to the first bar, and everything in between. You do whatever you want to do, boo.

Not everyone has a first dance and that’s also absolutely fine. They can feel very awkward, but it’s worth noting that they do serve well to mark the start of the party. If you’re not game for any kind of first dance some other ideas I’ve seen that work just as well are:

  • A first group dance from everyone in the wedding party (all the wedding helpers dance with you and your partner to the first song). This takes the pressure off you feeling like your guests are only watching you.
  • Your wedding band / DJ invites everyone to dance with you and your partner after the first two bars of music. This works best when you and partner pre-arrange for a few couples to eagerly join the dance floor when asked and take the pressure off you.
  • First ceilidh / organised dance for all your guests – this is a great way to get everyone dancing and mark the start of a party.

Feel free to invite your children and/or pets to dance with you – again, if you don’t feel wild about the first dance then they will take the attention away from you. A brilliant way to take the attention off you during the first dance is to have your wedding helpers release some confetti cannons during your dance. Firstly, this looks really cool; secondly the injection of glee makes your guests look art the confetti and not you; thirdly, it makes them want to get in on the action and jump on the dance floor.

When it comes to choosing music, feel free to choose a song that you both love regardless of the genre. I’ve seen first dances to electronica, pounding techno, heavy rock, guilty pleasure pop, soulful house, classic garage and everything in between. When choosing your first dance song, choose a song you love regardless of genre. You connecting with the music that is playing will be so much better for creating an awesome first dance, than dancing to a song you feel you ‘should’ choose, but don’t really care for.

However you choose to punctuate the start of the party at your wedding, I will generally need about 10 minutes to set up some lights before it happens. I want to make sure that however you do your first dance, the lighting is magical AF! I’ll liaise with your DJ and/or band to ensure that we’re all singing from the same hymn sheet and ready to rock when you are.

Because the first dance is essentially the start of the party, I highly recommend for you to plan for the dance floor bangers to be played immediately following your first dance. The busiest times on the dance floor at a wedding are generally immediately after the first dance, then there’s a lull when the evening food is served, and it picks up again towards the end when people realise there’s only a couple of hours of dancing left.

Top tips:

  • Choose a first dance song that you both connect with as a couple, regardless of its genre.
  • If you are feeling nervous build in ways to take the pressure off yourself
  • Plan for the DJ / band to play the party bangers immediately after the first dance to keep people dancing

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