I miss spent my youth working in nightclubs and while it did nothing for my hearing, I did learn a thing or two about planning a good party. Fun is high on the agenda for a lot of weddings now, a recent survey by Mintel suggested that the top priority for 54% of couples is that their guests to remember their day as a fun wedding party. As someone who goes to about 30 weddings a year I have seen some brilliant ideas that created the ultimate fun wedding party.
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Proper planning
As weird as it sounds, you do have to plan for fun, right from the very beginning. When you choose your venue some things to think about are:
– What’s the capacity of the space vs your intended guest list? If you book a venue with an enormous capacity but only use 25% of it, it’s going to feel quite empty at party time. Find a venue that is going to be filled by your intended volume of guests.
– The layout of the venue: ideally you want to have the bar and the dance floor in the same room. When the bar is in a different room to the main party, you run the risk that a big group of guests will congregate around the bar and leave the dance floor empty.
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Dressed to impress
Nothing says party like a room full of streamers!
– A few simple paper party decorations hanging from the ceiling will add colour and interest to the background of your fun wedding party photos, and create harmony in your wedding album.
– Air filled balloons, party poppers and confetti canons all give guests something to mess around with on the dance floor and create their own fun.
– Surprise confetti canons can inject some glee to the dance floor.
 fun wedding party - first dance gold confetti canon
Less is more
There is a big trend at the moment to fill your wedding with all sorts of entertainment. There are so many fun and quirky entertainment offerings now on offer, there is literally something for every interest. But how do you make them work together to create an overall awesome experience?
– If your day is unfolding over a long period of time be sure to spread out the entertainment. The more options people have, the more fragmented the group will become.
– Timing is everything – when the main party starts, don’t let anything clash with it. Make sure the evening food isn’t served at the same time as when the band starts.
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Go with what you know
Your wedding day is a celebration of you as a couple and everything that you enjoy, and your friends will want to come to celebrate with you because of that. So keep the following in mind:
– If you follow a particular genre of music, include it in your day. When your guests see you having a wild time on the dance floor, they’ll want to join you.
– Live music is a party starter; one of the most fun wedding parties that I have ever been to featured a drum and bass band, they got all generations up and dancing.
– If you have specific songs that are special to you and your friends, be sure to tell the DJ and / or band what they are so that they can play them.
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Book the right entertainment
I spoke to Lucy at Lemon Entertainment to get her top tips after her years of experience creating fun wedding parties. Lemon Entertainment offers a bespoke service of handpicked Bands and DJ’s to guarantee your celebration is a memorable one. From an interactive roaming band to a 12 piece show band – Lucy at Lemon looks after some of the best talent the UK has to offer. Having worked on hundred of events, Lucy’s top four tips for planning a really fun wedding party are:
– Consider having a mix of entertainment throughout the evening. Having a mix of a live band and a DJ is always a winner if the aim is to keep the dance floor full . Some bands even DJ which is fab is you are on a tight budget.
– Make sure whoever you book, has a decent PA and lighting set up. Even a fantastic band will sound awful if the PA is old and doddery – the last thing you want is the speaker to break half way through a set.
– Check with your venue if there are any sound restrictions. Barn venues tend to have a limit which means sometimes five piece bands won’t be possible. Check with the venue and liaise with the band or agent to make sure this won’t be a problem.
– Think outside the box – how about looking into a surprise element for the day. Singing Waiters, a dance mob or even a Mariachi Band showing up when least expected?
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It’s all about you and your tribe
Ultimately every great party is truly made by the people. If you are surrounded by people that you love on your wedding day, you are guaranteed to have a great time.
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If you are planning a fun wedding party, check out the range of options that Lucy can help you with at Lemon Entertainment.
To make sure that all the action from your fun wedding party is captured on camera, get in touch with me to enquire about my availability. You can see my price packages here and read reviews here from other couples that have booked me to photograph their wedding.
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