This is my dog. Big George. He’s big in size and big in personality. I wanted to write about him because he does a fair amount of work here behind the scenes at Parrot & Pineapple.  George is the main reason that I am a dog friendly wedding photographer. As I write this he’s doing the very important job of lying down looking at me with great big puppy dog eyes. That’s not the only thing he does though. Most importantly he reminds me to keep things fun. George’s zest for life is infectious! Everyday I wake up to the sound of him drumming out a beat on the bedroom wall as he wags his tail enthusiastically. He gets so excited at the start of a new day.

dog friendly wedding photographer dog standing bath

George is a rescue dog of unknown mixed breed. Most likely some kind of staffy cross. He came in to my life in early 2014 and he was adopted from the RSPCA in Putney. His back story is quite sad, he was found in the road with a broken leg after being abandoned as a puppy. Because of his injury he spent a long time at the RSPCA hospital. He didn’t have much opportunity for training or socialising; so when we found each other he had virtually no manners!

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I remember the first time I took him for a walk. I don’t think there was any time when he had all four paws on the floor. It was like trying to walk a flying dog. And he was a flying dog that had a particular ‘interest’ in sweaty females. I will forever be indebted to the running ladies of North West London. Pretty sure no one wants a massive hound jumping on them with unbridled lust as you’re out for a morning run.

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Thankfully he’s a completely different dog now days. Three years of almost constant training, trial and error in his diet, a steady learning curve and regular socialisation mean that George is now a gentle giant. Although he is a pretty silly gentle giant. It’s been such a reward, and seeing him happy is the greatest boost to any hard day. George has taught me a lot of patience and how to be calmly assertive. I consider these essential skills for any dog friendly wedding photographer! I practise these skills by regularly donating my time to The Mayhew Animal Home. My hope is that my photographs will help other dogs find their forever home.

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If you are a dog owner getting married and you want your dog to be a part of your wedding photos I would love to hear from you. I’m a dog friendly wedding photographer so get in touch to tell me about your plans, and most importantly your dog!

dog friendly wedding photographer ginger dog running rolling

Find out more about the excellent work of The Mayhew Animal Home here.

Photos of me with George by Sarah at Lazy Rivers Photography

dog friendly wedding photographer woman yellow dress ginger dog

dog friendly wedding photographer ginger dog portrait fairy lights

dog friendly wedding photographer large ginger dog portrait

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