Hannah and Phil’s low key and relaxed Londesborough Pub wedding in London

How did you get started with planning your wedding at The Londesborough Pub?

We didn’t really ‘get engaged’ as such. When Phil and I ‘had the chat’ and agreed to get married, I did a bit of research on pub for a pub wedding and civil ceremony in London. We essentially booked our venues within a week after that. It was all quite easy for us as we weren’t getting married on a Saturday, and the options for the type of wedding we wanted weren’t that massive. I think if you have to go and look round loads of venues, or fix on a Summer date really far in advance it’s probably much more difficult.

When we told everyone we were getting married in the next few weeks their faces were funny when the answer was ‘no no we are not just engaged we are actually getting married on the 30th December in London, it’s booked – expect your invite!’

Bride and groom looking at celebrant at Clissold House wedding ceremony

How did you find planning your wedding? Was it easy? Did anything funny or interesting happen along the way?

It was fine. I did 99% of it, Phil wasn’t so bothered. It’s also easier to organise things if one person has it all in their head. I do a lot of organising stuff at work, so I just made a list and did it in big chunks in the holidays. Using the Londesborough helped because Amber knew everything and was so helpful. I think it must be much more difficult to organise a wedding if you are using multiple venues or more suppliers/caterers. We just cracked on and didn’t hit any barriers or last-minute disasters really.

Brde and groom leaving Clissold house to shower of confetti

How did you bring your individual personalities and your values into your wedding day?

We are both quite low key, so with each decision, we tried to do what was most relaxed and good for our guests! Clothes were a priority so we weren’t that low key with those decisions! We both also really like a good party, so we wanted a band, a free bar and basically a pub lock-in! There were lots of people travelling long distances and from overseas, so we wanted a relaxed day with minimal formal stuff. This meant we could spend as much time as possible chatting to people.

Bride toasting guests during wedding speeches at Londesborough Pub London

Why did you choose Clissold House and The Londesborough Pub for your wedding venues?

We wanted a pub lock-in vibe for our wedding. Something really relaxed and informal, with great food and the opportunity for a party.
Our ceremony was held at Clissold House because Stoke Newington Town Hall wasn’t available on the day we wanted to get married. It was actually amazing! Being in the park for photos was so lovely, as was seeing loads of people going about their day with their kids and stuff. We even got told by some small kids on scooters that we looked like a prince and princess!

Bride and groom walking down London street holding hands

Phil and I went to a talk about the History of Clissold Park in September with Amir Dotan. That guy knows everything about Stokey! This was amazing as it was in the room we got married in. It was so interesting to learn about the 19th-century campaign to keep the house and the park in public hands. We are so glad they did. I’m a History teacher so I loved knowing something meaningful about the building we got married in. I’m not sure the people in the cafe outside appreciated having confetti chucked in their flat whites, but what can you do!

How did you style your wedding?

We went for flowers which were as seasonal as possible. There was vintage pink and dark red roses, lots of winter foliage and cream roses. Fiona Fleur was amazing to deal with and produced beautiful flowers which were entirely in line with what I had imagined.

We didn’t really have a lot of decoration. The Londesborough pub looks pretty amazing when it’s set up for weddings. We had white paper lanterns and jam jar flowers on the tables and big floral arrangement at the front of the pub. One of the students I teach who can do lovely calligraphy wrote out the name cards. Thank you Pico! The table plan was written up onto the board for us by Amber at the Londesborough. I ordered the invites online from Papier. Their service was really efficient. There was lots of choice and they were reasonably priced. Unfortunately, Phil only pointed out to me when he was addressing his that I had spelt the name of the venue wrong….. (note to self, proofread properly). No one else noticed, or at least no one was impolite enough to say.

A dancefloor full of guests at a Londesborough pub wedding

What did you eat at your Londesborough Pub wedding?

The food at The Londesborough was absolutely amazing. Lots of our guests said it was the best wedding food they had ever had. They may have just been being polite. Part of the reason I wanted to get married in a venue which is used to doing food all the time is that so many wedding caterers do food which is not great and very expensive!

We had a Croquembouche from Boulangerie Jade in Blackheath. It was amazing. Phil also wasn’t free on the day I booked to do the tasting, so I got to eat 8 profiteroles, which was ideal. It looked absolutely spectacular and our mums spent ages boxing up the profiteroles so people could take them home.

We also had a four-layer cheese wedding cake from the East London Cheese Board at Froth and Rind in Walthamstow. Fraser was so helpful and we got to try a lot of amazing cheese. We had vegan cheese from La Fauxmagerie in Brick Lane.

Bride and bridesmaid walking down curved staircase at Clissold House

What is your advice to other couples getting married? What would you do differently?

Try to plan it so you can spend time together and enjoy the day. Try to be as relaxed as possible. Our wedding was informal and I think that helped us have a great day. The only time I felt ‘on show’ was at the ceremony. The rest of the day we were just chatting with our friends and family. I might have got married on a different day so we could play loud music until midnight, but we couldn’t do this because of the time of year. Honestly, I think our wedding worked really well for us and our families. That’s all you can ask for!

Wedding guests toasting speeches at Londesborough pub wedding

What was it like to work with me?

Great! Thank you so much for all your help. It really helped that you had done weddings at our venues before, and so you knew exactly how the day would work. It really helped us put together the timings, and think about what was going to happen, where people were going to stand etc. Logistics basically!

Candid shot of bride and bridesmaid chatting to registrar at Clissold house

Londesborough Pub wedding suppliers

Wedding Dress: Lena Medoyeff from Heart A Flutter
Fake Fur Jacket: Liberty in Love 
Headpiece and Earrings: Hermione Harbutt 
Shoes: Rachel Simpson 
Groom’s Suit: Reiss
Bridesmaid dress: Maids to Measure
Flowers: Fiona Fleur
Ceremony Venue: Clissold House
Reception Venue: The Londesborough Pub
Cake: Boulangerie Jade
Cheese: East London Cheese Board
Wedding Band: The Hype 

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