How do. I’m Rowan and I’m a wedding photographer

I believe that all love is love and good things happen when people come together.

Your wedding day is the opportunity to dress up and do whatever it is that YOU want to do. To hell with tradition and what everyone else is doing. If it makes you happy on your wedding day, go for it!

fun wedding photographer dog jumps up to woman on street

About Me


I love colour, authenticity, storytelling, dogs, fresh coffee, urban life, lush greenery, architecture, concrete, Eastenders, cake, history, the smell of the London Underground and dogs (again).

I’ve got a large rescue mutt called George – you can see lots of photos and read more about him here. I love animals so much that in my spare time I volunteer with The Mayhew Animal Home photographing cats and dogs.

I’m a learning junkie, I love hanging out with other photographers and experimenting with creativity. Every day is definitely a school day, I never want to stop learning and growing.

I’m classic Guardian reader, and possibly even a bit of a hipster. This occurred to me like a bolt from the sky when I was watching Future Islands at Glastonbury one Sunday afternoon. There I was cooking some organic ravioli over my little camping gaz, wearing glittery leggings, muddy boots, last nights make up and flicking through The Observer. Horrifying.

Oh and I’m a certified snowflake feminist.

fun wedding photographer -couple-in-front-of-red-london-bus

About My Photography Style


All my photos are in colour! I love colour and I try to make sure that my images reflect all the colours of your wedding day. I’m a documentary wedding photographer and I like to keep my images very informal. Emotions are so important and I’ll be working hard to capture the feeling of your day, not just how it looked (even though it’ll look AWESOME).

I realise that your wedding photos are for the whole family, so I can help you plan your time to capture a little selection of group photos that the members of your wider family will want to see.

Your couple photos don’t have to be an epic production. If you’re like me and you hate having your photo taken then we can figure something out together. You’ll get a lovely photo of you and your beau at the wedding, without the super painful, anxiety inducing, super awks experience.

I want to create beautiful, authentic images that you love HARD. Photos are history. My old family photos are my most treasured possessions. I’ve still got my grandparents wedding album from when they got married during the war. Your wedding photos should be treasured just the same.

“Rowan was SUPERB in every way. Professional, fun, friendly, experienced… I could go on. The photos you took are more than we could have asked fo”

Georgina & Dan – London Elopement, Islington Town Hall

Want to know what happens when you book me?

If you want to get to know me a bit better, you can read my blog, follow me on Instagram or Pinterest, or if you fancy having a chat to talk about your wedding photography you can contact me here.