Andy and Alix’s small wedding at Longfellows in Catherine De Barnes, Solihull

What was it like working with Parrot and Pineapple photography for your small wedding

We wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to photograph our wedding! Rowan asked the necessary questions and made suggestions which eased the process along. She’s also absolutely lovely and made us both feel at ease. It made our portraits go smoothly and didn’t feel awkward. Whenever we spoke to Rowan about what we wanted, she completely understood. In the nicest of ways, we also didn’t notice Rowan at the reception (and lots of guests have said this) which is really amazing. It meant she captured some fantastic moments and nobody is posed. When we did speak to Rowan on the day, it was always very easy and relaxed.Wedding speeches toasts small wedding

How did you start planning your small wedding?

We both knew we wanted a small wedding. I (Alix) never wanted to walk down and aisle or have a big white dress. Together, we have never liked lots of attention and we didn’t want to feel like we had to invite anyone or had to impress someone.

The main thing for us was to do everything together and we planned it from there. Booking the registry office was the first thing. There was a small room to fit eight guests and it meant the legal stuff was done.

We also knew we weren’t bothered about traditions but we wanted to get married on our 5 year anniversary. Choosing the date was easy and not having to fit into a certain expectation gave us freedom.

This also led us to choose Rowan. Knowing that everyone having a fab time was our criteria (and actually getting married, of course) it naturally led to us picking a photographer who could capture this!

Baby looking at lion balloon small wedding

How did you find planning your wedding?

We were really relaxed whilst planning the wedding. Picking our wedding balloons was a good laugh. We kept them a secret from almost everyone. They were huge animal balloons and the only person we had to tell was Andrew’s stepdad as he was collecting them. We didn’t want him to complain that they had given him the wrong balloons!

We also had to re-buy our wedding favours because we went through several bags of sweets and chocolates.

Guest laughing at speeches small wedding

How did you bring your individual personalities into your small wedding

Our personalities were in all of the day, from the colourful bunting to the animal balloons. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and have never been the type of people to have everything perfect and matching. All of our bunting was mismatched and colourful.

Wedding guest blowing bubbles small wedding

Why did you choose a small restaurant for your wedding venue?

Our venue was Longfellows and we chose it because it was exactly what we wanted. We wanted a house party vibe with the ability to go outside, without having the mess at our own house. It was also important that our small group wouldn’t get lost in a venue too big. Longfellows was the perfect sized venue for us and was unlike all the other venues we looked at. The owners at Longfellows were relaxed and easy to talk to.

Connect four wedding game small wedding

What is your advice to other couples getting married?

Andrew – enjoy the planning more. Take it easy and get organised early! Enjoy the day and don’t worry about what’s happening around you.

Alix – don’t worry about other people or what they’re doing (e.g if a car is late) just be in the moment!Bride feeding cake to groom with a sword small wedding

How did you manage the budget for your small wedding?

We did it by deciding what was most important for us to splash the cash on and deciding what was lower down on the list of priorities. Not fussing too much on tiny details because people brush past them (eg the card box, favours, and guest book). Expensive doesn’t mean it’s the best but you also don’t need to scrimp on everything. It’s all about priorities.

Venue: Longfellows
Alix dress – Monsoon
Andrew suit – ASOS
Cakes: Asda and Morrisons
Photography: Parrot and Pineapple 

Bride and groom in blanket small wedding

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