YAY! If you’re reading this then the chances are that you’re at my favourite stage of the wedding planning process – choosing your wedding photographer! While I am a wedding photographer, I’m super passionate about couples booking the photographer that’s right for them and their wedding. So I’ve written this guide to help you reduce the overwhelm of choosing a wedding photographer. After all, there are so many of us, and so many of us are absolutely flippin great!

How to choose a good wedding photographer

I get it, it’s hard even on a website to know who will be the right photographer for you, but there are things to look for that help make the choice a lot easier. When you have found one the first thing you want to check is their portfolio.

Always thoroughly check out the wedding photography portfolio

I know it’s fairly obvious that you should check out a wedding photographers portfolio to see the very best of their work, but it’s also worth reviewing it with critical eyes. Look for consistency in both the kind of photo and editing style. When looking at the portfolio if you see images that look like they could have been photographed by 4 different people, the chances are they could have been and a lack of consistency can raise the red flags. An experienced photographer develops a signature style that can instantly be recognised in all their photographs. When you choose a wedding photographer that has a consistent style, you are going to be more certain about what your wedding photos will look like.

Read their “About Me” page

The person you choose is going to be capturing your wedding day – and probably all day too! You need to get to know them as a person. Your photographer is with you on a very emotionally charged and intimate day, and you want to make sure you have a good bond and trust the person. Take a look at their About Me page, read about them, get to know them and what they stand for. Do you have similar values? Do you believe in what they are trying to do? Do they sound like they would fit in with your friends and family?

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Read their wedding photography blog

Lots of photographers use their blog to share super helpful and informative content to help you and your wedding, but also insight into their recent work too. Take a look at their blog and the advice they share, their experiences and the recent weddings they have shot. From reading their blog you’ll be able to tell if that person has lots of experience, how knowledgeable they are and you’ll see more of what their photos are like. You can check mine out here. 

Check out their Social Media profiles

Another way to get to know your photographer is by looking at their social media profiles – Instagram and Facebook can give great insight into their days, how they shoot weddings and some fun behind the scenes too. However, just keep in mind that just because a photographer doesn’t use social media channel, doesn’t mean they’re not any good. They might simply not use social media!

Hopefully that’s given you some helpful pointers on what to consider when choosing a wedding photographer. If you want to know more about the process and get a super handy checklist, then leave your email below for my completely free MEGA GUIDE. 

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