I flipping LOVE cake. I’ve got a raging sugar addiction, and is there anything more lovely than the spongey goodness that is cake? Cutting a cake (or, if you must, a stack of cheese) can be a good way to punctuate the end of the dinner and the start of the evening party.

Not everyone chooses to cut a cake (or again, if you must, a stack of cheese) at their wedding. I’ve seen some brilliant alternatives, including things like an individual cake/dessert brought out to each table and a nominated person on each table ceremoniously cutting that. Or if you want to cut a cake but add some spice, I’ve seen people cut the cake with a plastic sword, an axe, or just face planting and taking a bite. Do what feels right for you!

If you fancy cutting the cake but worry it may be awkward, fret not. I love shooting the cake cut because it’s a really sentimental, symbolic motion: there’s very often a moment of squealing joy as you push the knife through the sponge. (I often hope that’s just in anticipation of eating cake. That’s what I’d be doing anyway.) Some couples choose to make a thing out of the cake cut by announcing it and having their guests surround them; other couples don’t and will just cut the cake themselves. Both are perfectly acceptable and it’s entirely up to you!

The cake cut is a simple photo for me to take, but it absolutely relies on your cake being in an easy to access position. Very often cakes are assembled in a corner, or against a wall. This works perfectly while the rest of your wedding is taking place, but when it comes to cutting it, you will need some room for both of you to stand next to the cake and for me to be in a position to frame you both and the cake. If you have the option to, it’s worth asking the staff at your wedding venue or your wedding helpers to carefully pull the cake table out away from the corner or wall.

bride and groom cut the wedding cake together as wedding guests clap

Here are some top tips to get the best from your cakey masterpiece:

  • Ask for your cake to be placed in a position where it is easily accessible from all sides. Cakes in corners and squished up against walls lead to flat and lifeless photos.
  • If your cake needs to be against the wall during the meal, ask if it can be bought out on to the dancefloor / further away from the wall to be cut.
  • Photos of couples cutting a cake surrounded by their friends and family are THE BEST. It’s another opportunity for your wedding photos to remind you what your wedding was about – being with the people that you love. Not just following tradition.

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