Rachael and Phil’s Colourful Wedding at The Bond Company, Digbeth

What was it like to work with Parrot and Pineapple?

Amazing! You made us so comfortable and gave us the exact style of photographs that we wanted. You really showed our day at it’s best.
Communication was great.  You wanted to know so much about us and it was great to meet up before the wedding. And then you were brilliant after, getting a selection to us within a week!

How did you get started with planning your wedding at The Bond Company Birmingham?

We sat down and decided what was important to us and what we could do without. We knew we wanted a venue that suited us as a couple and that we knew photographs would be equally important. Once we found our venue and photographer, we just spent a few months reading magazines, blogs and looking on Pinterest to pad out the ideas we had. The very first thing we did after getting engaged was visit to the Eclectic Wedding fair. That’s how we found both our venue and Rowan at Parrot and Pineapple. We love simplicity!Bride and groom watching wedding brass band The Bond Company Birmingham Wedding

How did you find planning your wedding?

We found it relatively stress-free. It was really fun planning a day just for us. We wanted things that we’d enjoy, and little personal details that would represent us as a couple.

The wedding day and a lot of details (including my dress) was already booked when we found out we were pregnant! We were so happy, and it made our wedding a million times more special because our Ted is so wanted, and we didn’t know if we’d be able to have him. Our wedding photos mean even more to us, because we know Ted’s there hiding under my dress!Bride getting ready at home holding cat The Bond Company Birmingham Wedding

How did you bring your individual personalities and your values into your wedding day?

I think for us, our personalities came through because of the details. Our values hopefully shone through in the ceremony. We believe in love for all, and we wanted to show our love and desire to spend the rest of our lives together. We also don’t take things too seriously, so everything was very low-key and relaxed.

One of my favourite parts of the day was Phil’s speech, or rather letter to me. We wrote letters at the beginning of our relationship so for him to write me another letter rather than do a speech was perfect. It included so many of our inside jokes that probably made no sense to anyone else. It made me completely wet myself laughing. As I was seven months pregnant making me laugh like that was very risky! But I love that he showed how hilarious he is, even if he is only hilarious to me ?


The music was a big thing for us, especially Phil, he spent months tailoring the soundtrack to our wedding. Every song that played throughout the whole day was from mixtapes we’d sent each other over the years. Phil walked down the aisle to the Back to the Future theme, and I walked down to Il Mondo by Jimmy Fontana- a song that Phil always hilariously sings along to. Our first dance was Pencils in the Wind by Flight of the Concords.

We picked our outfits completely independently as well, I didn’t like the idea of going to a wedding dress shop and being told what ‘suited’ me, I had a very specific idea of what I wanted in my head and I can’t believe I actually found it available. Phil didn’t want a traditional wedding suit, so he picked each element from somewhere different over a few months. He wanted purple trousers because he wore purple trousers on our first date.

alternative groom wearing mismatched suit with floral pattern tie and sunflower button hole

Decorating The Bond Company Birmingham with DIY elements and personalised decor

‘Happy Marry!’, a phrase that Phil says to people at weddings was displayed in gold foil balloons at the reception.


We had gold painted cats as our place holders, as well as a photo of our three cats on the top table. We love our cats and it was so brilliant that Rowan was able to take some photos of them with me in the morning. They’ll forever be apart of our wedding day.

gold painted cat with name tag label as DIY wedding decoration at The Bond in Birmingham

I made all of the stationery from our save the dates to the invites and the order of the day envelopes with confetti. I love to make stuff, I have a degree in art and it felt nice to be able to make our day so personal by actually making a lot of the elements.

Handwritten wedding day schedule with gold calligraphy to decorate the paper bag of confetti.

We got all our flowers from supermarkets the day before and I did all the arrangements, that is one of things I’m proudest of as I’d never done it before.. or practised and I think they looked great.





We had a table with photographs of people that we would have loved to have at our wedding but they had sadly died, as my grandparents had only died in the January before the wedding I know my Dad, Auntie, Uncle and cousins liked seeing pictures of them.






Why did you choose The Bond Company Birmingham for your wedding?

We picked it because it suited us! It wasn’t showy or too fancy, and we loved the idea of our wedding being in the middle of industrial Digbeth. The juxtaposition pleased my brain! Also, the whole day could be at the same venue as we utilised the different rooms they have.

What is your advice to other couples getting married?

Our advice would be to have the things you want, that will make you feel special. Don’t feel pressured into have things because they fit the ‘wedding’ tick list (unless that’s the kind of wedding you want of course). One thing we’d do differently is to try not to defend our choices to relatives with ideas of what a wedding should be.

Bride and bridesmaids The Bond Company Birmingham WeddingSuppliers for The Bond Company Birmingham wedding:

Wedding dress: Collectif
Suit: Topman and ASOS
Shoes: Irregular Choice and Dr Martins
Flowers: Lidl, Aldi and Asda
Venue: The Bond Company Birmingham
Cake: Victorious Cakes and Cookies
Bridesmaids dresses: Chi Chi 
Band: Heavy Beat Brass Band

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