Jodie and Lee’s Kawaii themed wedding is absolute testament to what you can do with a blank canvas and a moderate budget. I loved this wedding – the incredible creativity, the fun, the love, the VIBES. Jodie and Lee had a cearly defined vision for their wedding right from the outset and I believe that’s what bought it to life in a crazy riot of colour and kitsch. This is one wedding where you HAVE to scroll right to the bottom to see all the snaps.

What’s your love story?

I had spotted Lee out running near my house back in 2009 and thought he looked like a proper handsome chap…following on from this I then started noticing him around more often in the town we lived in. I saw him one day in a supermarket, recognised him sans running gear and accidentally on purpose bumped in to him and started conversation from there…we went on a date to Manchester and it blossomed from there.

What was the proposal like?

Lee and I visit London quite a lot, we love it! We were visiting London to watch 6 Day Cycling back in October 2016. We arrived on day one and Lee suggested we go to Camden followed by a walk up Primrose Hill. It was around dusk and the sun was starting to set, we could see all of the lights of London Town as we were sat looking out from the benches. We were having a conversation and Lee said he had something for me, next thing he was down on one knee ( I remember thinking there are an awful lot of people around what is going on here ) and he asked me to marry him, using his Mum’s engagement ring ( who has sadly passed ) I was lost for words, paused for a long time then started asking if Lee was joking ( several times ) He started to look quite worried due to a lack of yay or nay from me – I eventually said YES! Next thing I know Frank Skinner walked right past us!

Where was your ceremony and reception held?

We knew that we needed some space that we could style out, a bit like a blank canvas, so we knew to achieve this it would need to be a Village Hall. Lee also wanted to use small businesses as much as possible so a venue with a community benefit was ideal. We love Yorkshire so the Party was to be there – somewhere. We did a tour of Village Halls one Saturday to try and find something we liked but we could not find a place that met all of our requirements. Lee took to the internet and managed to find Thorner Victory Hall, we arranged a viewing and fell in love with the very well maintained Hall and the village. What sold it for me was the Disco Ball!

What about your outfits?

I wore a dress crafted by The Couture Co. The reason I chose to have a bespoke dress designed was because if I am being honest I felt quite uninspired by traditional wedding dressed and wanted something created that was more me, something I knew I would feel comfortable in. When I spotted The Couture Co I knew immediately they would be the ones to create something for me. Lee wore a suit by Herbie Frogg, having lost a considerable amount of weight over the last couple of years he wanted something that was nicely fitted to show off his new bod.

Talk us through your wedding decor:

We opted for a full on RAINBOW theme ( because if I was a thing I would be an actual rainbow ) with a hint of Kawaii. My pinterest board was absolute mayhem, full of bright and amazing ideas but I was struggling to reign it in. We enlisted the help of AppleTree Events who helped to suggest a more focussed approach by designing some boards of what it would look like. We opted for no flowers, but have succulents with bright coloured heads that flower, planted in mini disco balls. An array of animals from the Painted Parade all wearing party hats. As we were doing street food we did not have set places for guests, we wanted people to mix and get to know each other so we left it quite open for that to happen. We used foils to decorate the walls and had a mix of Pom Pom Chandeliers, Pom Pom garlands, tissue tassel garlands created by Sharelle from AppleTree and huge colourful balloons dotted all around. In the bar area we opted to hire some metallic effect Chesterfield sofas whilst crafting some Ikea tables with wicked stickers from Mrs Grossmans Sticker Factory and holographic sticky back plastic. We had a small side room we were able to use as a Kids room, we put a Big Top style tent in there with some cushions, inflatables, colouring supplies etc so that they were kept entertained. We also had a temporary tattoo station which was a real hit along with the Glitter Station from Wish Upon a Sparkle! Glitter beards everywhere!

What was your plan for the reception?

Our plan was to Party! We did structure the day slightly to let guests know when they could start to get their food and when the disco started. We tried to ensure that the day didn’t have any “dead time” where people were just stood around waiting for things to happen. The favourite part of Lees day was when the kids had eaten too many sweets and got their second wind on the dance floor, being dragged around on inflatable Unicorns and Flamingos. Jodie’s favourite part was seeing everyone have such a good time and eat lots of food ( I am a full on Feeder ).

How did you find working with me?

From the offset working with you was really easy and fun, you set our expectations from day one. You made us feel so relaxed in front of the camera when the day came any anxieties we had went out of the window. Lee and I have hardly
any photographs of us together over the last 9 years because we are both quite camera shy and you have created some absolutely amazing images of the pair of us that make us feel a million dollars. We actually feel like celebrities at the moment and that is all down to you. Thank-you.

What entertainment did you have?

We chose to have a Magician who would be more like a guest at the party, subtly inserting himself in to conversations being had by the guests and then astounding them with his magic. Wish Upon A Sparkle were hired, as it was a Rainbow, glitter based theme we thought it would be a hit and it was! For music in the evening we chose a DJ that played non cheesy party music but was open to playing some classics from the decades.

What’s your planning advice for other couples getting married?

Dare to be different, make sure it reflects you as a couple and don’t feel like you are being pushed down a particular route. If you are not using an hotel or a venue with a co-ordinator, hire one ours was amazing(and like a ninja). She ensured that suppliers were managed, the hall was tided up and items like the cake was cut up for the guest, whilst we were busy having fun. One thing we would do differently was to get the cake delivered rather than collect and transport ourselves. We lost the bottom tier!

Thorner Village Hall – Rainbow Themed Wedding Photos

Keep scrolling to see more photos and check out the credits at the end of the brilliant suppliers that contributed towards this lovely day.

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Kawaii Themed Wedding Suppliers

Bride’s Dress: The Couture Co

Brides’s Make Up: Kimberley Brook

Bride’s Shoes: Irregular Choice & Converse

Groom’s Suit: Herbie Frogg from Bridgewater Menswear

Reception: Thorner Village Hall

Styling: Apple Tree Weddings and Events

Glitter: Wish Upon a Sparkle

Cake: The Bakery Barn

Catering: Baked in Brick and Sugar Spun Sister

DJ: The Deckheads

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