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At Parrot & Pineapple, I’m all about the party and the pizzazz – and not just because they begin with a p, either (although that does help). If you’re looking to have a fun, unconventional wedding that reflects your personalities, your reception is a perfect opportunity to unleash some majorly quirky wedding ideas to blow your guests’ minds.

Couple in front of till death us do party sign

The most obvious method to create a unique wedding – and one of the easiest, even though it may not seem it – is with your decor. As soon as your guests walk in, quirky wedding decor will make it clear that this isn’t your average do, and that the party vibes are about to be cranked up! It may not seem like an easy task – you’re probably currently wondering how the hell you transform a traditional wedding venue into an alternative wedding paradise – but with well-designed, well-thought-out, brilliant decor choices, a little goes a long way. The king and queen of unconventional wedding ideas, Vowed & Amazed, were kind enough to chat to us about some wedding ideas for your reception. (Seriously, they made a neon rainbow to hire…)

neon love light sign taken by parrot and pineapple wedding photography

First off, Caroline says staying true to yourself is super important. “YOU DO YOU! I have to admit that whilst our own wedding was totally out there and very us-” (her and husband Stuart created their own spinning teacups for theirs) “-there were still a couple of elements I didn’t incorporate because I thought they didn’t fit the theme. Of course, now I wish I had done them anyway! Lesson learned…anything goes if the theme is YOU TWO!” This almost guarantees some funny and quirky wedding ideas off the bat!

Silver sequin shimmer wall by Vowed and Amazed

Silver sequin shimmer wall by Vowed and Amazed

Her second tip is to have something interactive that guests can engage with. “The answer to how to create a fun wedding is definitely interaction! Obviously weddings are the best but they can be a long old day and night, so make sure there are things for your guests to do.”


One of the best ways of doing this is by a good old-fashioned photo opportunity. “You can never go wrong with a photo op – it keeps people snapping for hours of fun.” Caroline continues. “Our sequin shimmer walls work especially well for this – they are so adaptable and you can really make them your own with the personalised text we add. I personally think a big wedding hashtag works great on our walls and keeps all of the photos taken against it in one place. Our sit on moon is also fabulous fun and we’ve even got giant teacup seats that you can sit in and spin!”

Sit on crescent moon by Vowed and Amazed

Sit on crescent moon by Vowed and Amazed

Another easy way of giving your wedding reception some serious pizzazz is with a big rental. It can be tempting to buy lots and lots of tiny decorations for your reception, but often fewer, bigger elements have more impact. Whether your venue is a blank space you’re trying to personalise or it’s somewhere with characteristics you’re trying to disguise, big rentals can act as a focal piece that totally transform the room and the mood. A great example is a giant light-up sign, but I don’t mean just any sign – after all, we are talking about the creators of a giant neon wedding rainbow! “I think my favourite piece of ours is still our ’Til Death Do Us Party sign. It incorporates lots of different mediums, including bulbs, neon and light boxes, so it’s a real show stopper.” Caroline says. Plus, this is double the fun as it’ll be a total shock to your guests – so if you’re looking for some wedding surprise inspiration, this is it!

So, let’s get this party started folk! How are you putting pizzazz into your wedding reception? For more unconventional wedding ideas check out Vowed & Amazed’s wonderful website here:, and hop over to Pinterest to see what else I’m loving.


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