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Everyone talks about the dress all the time – which doesn’t even have to be a dress – but very few people chat a lot about bridal make-up and bridal hair. Well, pals, fret not, as I’m here to chat about them, and to do so with some of the best in the game too! How you look on your wedding day is so important, but what’s crucial is how you feel – so there’s so much more to finding your wedding make up artist and wedding hair stylist than just who looks like they can wave an eyeshadow brush. Here’s my guide to finding the perfect bridal hair and makeup artist!



Do you have any advice for those worried about an HMUA not feeling confident or qualified to work with their skin tone or hair type?




Firstly, I made sure to ask every hair stylist and make-up artist featured in this article whether they were confident with all tones and types of skin and hair, as there’s no place for division or alienation here (as London-based bridal make up artist Laura Anne Makeup says: “Knowing how to apply makeup to enhance every woman is key to a successful business in this field.”) . Lucy St John summed it up when she replied “Simple answer – yes!”


Zoe from Knot Your Average Bride continues, “You should feel confident in knowing that the person you have chosen is completely qualified, which means no matter the skin tone or hair type, they should be able to cater to your needs.” Jules Daniels stressed the importance of a wedding makeup artist having a well stocked kit, as she explains: “I ensure I carry makeup and skincare for ALL of my clients, whether it be you have dry, dehydrated, normal or oily skin, and foundation shades from the lightest porcelain to the deepest chestnut tone.” To check this, Rebel Rock recommend asking the supplier for a good range of pictures of their past work, to ensure you’re confident in their ability and experience.



So, where should you look for a good HMUA?


Amy George Make-Up Artist suggests social media is a great place to start. “As it’s so visual, you can really get a feel for the make-up artist’s style by scrolling through their feed,” she explains. (And, if they’re anything like Amy, you can get a feel for their incredible personality too.) Zoe suggests following certain hashtags to find the supplier who’ll nail the perfect style for you: “Did you know you can search and follow certain hashtags such as #coolweddinghair for a more refined search, too?”


Amy also recommends wedding fairs as a way of meeting potential suppliers: “Not the naff ones, but the cool ones like The Un-Wedding are also the perfect way to find one as you can meet the artist there and then. Your other wedding suppliers will often usually have suggestions too, and your fave wedding blog will always have a recommended suppliers list.”


And speaking of recommendations – don’t forget the old-fashioned way of finding suppliers! Ask around for recommendations, whether that’s asking friends, family or colleagues in real life for their good experiences, or asking your hivemind on facebook. “There are so many options to choose from that it can be confusing, so for me nothing comes better than firsthand recommendations.” Nicola Honey explains. Just make sure you’re discerning with the replies, as Lucy St John warns: “Recommendations are always a good first step, but make sure you have full respect for the person who is doing the recommending!”


Bridal Make up by Laura Anne Make Up


What should you be looking for in your wedding hair and make up artist?


Laura Anne says the important thing when looking for your bridal beauty artist is “choosing someone who creates images of hair/makeup that you aspire to have yourself, together with keeping in mind locations and budgets too.” As Zoe also explains, you want to be inspired by the work they’re putting out: most wedding hair and make-up artists will be able to execute a number of styles flawlessly, but they will always have their preferred styles and you should choose someone who slays the style you want for the day.


But once you’ve found someone who you’re confident is technically incredible and style-wise on point with the vibe you’re going for, it’s also important to see whether you get on with them as a person or not. They’re going to be with you on one of the most important days of your life. Plus, as Laura Anne points out, are usually the first supplier you see on the day so they really set the tone for how you’re feeling! This means it’s super important you connect with them and have loads of fun with them. Zoe points out that you can usually get a good idea of their personality via their social media, particularly if they use instagram stories (like she does, super well!), but the first email or phone call should give you a good indication of whether or not a connection is there.


This is also a good indication of their level of professionalism, Lucy St John points out – they can be professional and good fun! “I still like to make phone calls to ensure that a top H&MUA has good social skills, and I test how quickly they respond via email! There’s no point having a talented stylist if they’re unreliable and can’t interact with people.” Amy George also highlights (geddit?!) that part of this is making sure you look for a make-up artist who is calm, organised, and has a very clean kit too.


Advice from a wedding photographer. How to find your perfect bridal make up artist.


What is a bridal trial? How do they work?


In the same way that you’ve probably tried your wedding dress or outfit on before the day itself, so you can (and should, if you can!) do with your hair and make-up. It’s a chance to meet up with the artist before the big day to check all of the above, and to also talk through the styles you want and try them out on you to make sure they’re exactly what you’re dreaming of. Once you tell them about your plans for the wedding and the vibe you’re going for, Amy recommends that they should be able to offer you a couple of make-up looks to suit you and your wedding. Jules also stresses the importance of trials, saying: “Use this time to REALLY and honestly say what you think. The best makeup artists will ALWAYS Take on your feedback so that you are 100% happy and confident.” Remember, the whole point of a trial is to make sure you get it right – so don’t be afraid to speak up if things aren’t quite there! (Jules’ website also has loads of great, helpful tips for trials: https://www.julesdaniels-bridaluk.com/trial.html)


Rebel Rock also point out the importance of seeing how your make-up and hair photographs, and the trial is a great time to do this. It’s probably going to be the most photographed day of your life, and the memory you have to keep forever!


What do you think makes a fun wedding?


Nicola Honey says the key to a fun wedding is a relaxed atmosphere at the beginning. “If everyone starts the day light-hearted and calm, the love and fun of the day filters through to the rest of it!” Lucy St John adds “The couple! I don’t have much interaction with the groom often, but the loveliest experiences I’ve had are when meet a prodie who is genuinely in love and excited about seeing friends and family, rather than the full focus being on how everything looks (from herself to the venue). Of course, these things are important, but insecurities shouldn’t be a the forefront. This is a chance to let yourself go, relax, and have the best day of your life with those who matter most.”


How to find your perfect bridal make up artist


What do you wish all couples knew?


Every single one of these lovely suppliers either said how fast the day goes, or not to sweat the small stuff because at the end of the day it’s about the pair of you and your love. What absolute gems!




Laura Anne Makeup has over 16 years of experience and training in the industry, allowing her to offer brides a completely bespoke service to create something you’ll ultimately LOVE – whether it’s natural, radiant makeup with relaxed, soft hair, or a smokey dramatic look with chic, sleek hair. https://www.lauraannemakeup.com/



Lucy St John prides herself and her team on getting brides looking like the, at their best, naturally – whether this is super glam or quite low-key. By taking the time in getting to know their clients, Lucy and her team can ensure they get it right every time. Her website is chocfull of great resources, including helpful videos, clear, transparent pricing, and a newsletter which contains some handy hints. Plus, when you book with them, you get a really helpful tips sheet too! https://www.lucystjohn.com/




Knot Your Average Bride was created to give brides a timeless, effortlessly beautiful hair and make-up style that not only made them look amazing, but feel amazing too. Lighthearted, fun, and totally personal to each and every client, Zoe makes sure her services means brides don’t have to fit in a mould but can celebrate them in their uniqueness. I’d highly recommend following Zoe on insta where she does regular stories and tutorials; https://www.instagram.com/knotyouraveragebride/ plus, her blog will soon be updated with loads of tips and tricks! https://www.knotyouraveragebride.co.uk/


Jules Daniels is a Manchester-based make-up artist with serious creative flair. Her favourite bridal style is when skin looks like skin, and eyes are sultry and smoky. According to Jules, “TO see a brides’ face when she looks at herself in the mirror on the morning of the wedding is the best feeling in the world” – so she definitely deals in the business of good feelings too! Her website is a treasure trove, with loads of info about trials, transparent pricing, and a huge gallery of her gorgeous work. https://www.julesdaniels-bridaluk.com



Rebel Rock are a sister duo specialising in hair and beauty with strong feminine style and a pinch of rock n roll. They love versatile beauty, which you can see on their website in all of their pictures (plus, they have a super explanation of the bridal process from trial to aisle: http://rebelrock.co.uk/wedding-booking-process/)


Amy George Make-Up Artist is a fun, loving, super-kind soul whose passion in life is making people feel amazing and oh so beautiful. With a fresh, natural and modern approach to makeup, whilst always being a little bit different, you’ll fall in love with her on your wedding day and want her round every day afterwards! https://www.instagram.com/amy.george.makeup/



Nicola Honey creates flawless, timeless make-up for your big day to most importantly help you feel like you. Especially loving different, retro, or slightly quirky vibes, taking a blank canvas and making it the bride’s perfect vision is what she adores to do. Her website also has a super useful “Friends” section to see recommended suppliers, and also a Tips section to help you get the most out of your beauty! http://nicolahoney.com/


How to find your perfect bridal make up artist


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