Are you unsure about booking a professional hair and make up artist for your wedding? Or maybe you don’t know what you should be doing with your hair and make up leading up to your wedding to get the most out of having a professional. Then this wedding planning advice blog post is you!

A wedding day is like an endurance test for styled hair and a made up face. If you are the one getting married then a wedding day is also the perfect opportunity to pamper yourself – and what better way than having your hair and make up professionally seen to?! I don’t wear a lot of make up on a day to day basis but I always advise for my clients to invest in a professional hair and make up artist for their wedding. There are multiple reasons; if you have paid for professional photos you will most likely want to look your best in those photos all day. But most of all I tend to find that after I have had my hair and make up done professionally, I feel like a million dollars. And who doesn’t like feeling like that?! I spoke to two professional wedding make up artists (both of whom have worked on my boat race) for their top tips and advice.

Moira Borg

Moira lives in London and works all over the South-East of the UK. She can work her magic on both hair and make up.

How to find your perfect bridal make up artist

Tell me abut your business!

I’m a bridal hair and make up artist – I feel like my work is there to make the bride feel most confident on her special day, I help to create the idea and the most comfortable look for the bride. I want my client to walk down the aisle with a smile!

I started off 15 years ago as a hairdresser, I worked around in different countries with different people, 3 years ago I decided to work freelance and work with brides, this is when I started to learn and practice make up too.

How to find your perfect bridal make up artist. Advice from a wedding photographer

Why did you become a bridal hair and make up artist?

The reason I chose to work with brides is because it brings me so much joy to be involved in such a happy event. It’s actually a beautiful time of the day when everyone is getting ready. Also seeing the smile on the brides face when I am done is worth everything!

What’s your favourite bridal make up and hair look at the moment?

My favourite make up is, and might always be, the natural look – enhancing the brides own features to look like a stunning version of herself. With hair it’s all about their character, their comfort and also style of wedding and dress.
Advice from a wedding photographer. How to find your perfect bridal make up artist.

What should clients look for when choosing a hair stylist and make up artist?

When choosing a hairstylist you should see that they have lots of variety in their work, when it comes to make up also look for variety, but most importantly make sure you like most of the work you see. It’s important to have a consultation on the phone / email / in person, so that you can get to know the hair and make up artist.

What should clients be doing in the days / weeks before to prepare for having professional hair and make up in advance of their wedding?

I would suggest that a few months before the wedding clients start to organise a good face cleansing routine for the best skin. You hair will need a good shampoo and weekly hair treatment too. The routine should be continued right up to the wedding day – changes in the routine can lead to skin breaking out. But the best tip is to try get the right amount of sleep every night leading up to the wedding!
How to find your perfect bridal make up artist

Any other advice or words of wisdom?

Be yourself, be organised, get good rest, drink water, and enjoy every minute! Your bridal hair and make up artist will have done this many times so they will guide you through the morning. Be happy and smile (the photographer is watching!).
You can check out Moira’s work on her website. Alternatively catch her on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Jules Daniels

Jules is based in Manchester and works all over the north of the UK. She works for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics and has a make up collection to suit the palest alabaster skin right through to the richest espresso skin shade.


Advice from a wedding photographer


Tell me about your business!

I’m Jules, and I’ve been a makeup artist for almost 4 years now, and it’s been a hectic 4 years. Having worked in digital advertising for a decade, the change of career even surprised me, but I followed my dream, and here I am!



Why did you become a bridal make up artist?

My best friend and I set up our own kids face painting business around 8 years ago, which was really fun! This naturally progressed to adults face painting and glittering –  we travelled around working at various festivals; very fun, but not much of an earner. It was at this point in my life, I realised I had found my passion: beauty and makeup. I love the confidence that a little makeup can give someone, and I absolutely love teaching women, that they really can do it; makeup is easy, we just need someone to show us how.
I love being a bridal make up artist because being part of such a special day is a real honour! I want my brides and their bridal party to feel relaxed and pampered during the morning.

What’s your favourite bridal make up look at the moment? 

I’m absolutely loving the semi-matte berry lip trend right now. A matte finish liquid lipstick has loads of staying power (and it is way more smooch-friendly!). Fresh dewy skin will always be my number one though.

What should clients look for when choosing a make up artist?

With so many options for makeup artists nowadays, I would always recommend starting with choosing a makeup artist based on their style. A good make up artist will specialise in a specific style. If their portfolio is super natural and you want really glam, heavy makeup, you may want to reconsider and continue your search. Read blogs, read reviews, narrow your search down and then I would suggest calling them to discuss your desired look, and go through any questions you may have.

What should clients be doing in the days / weeks before to prepare for having professional make up in advance of their wedding? 

Now is the time to perfect your skincare routine, and really pamper yourself. I would recommend exfoliating once per week and using a serum and an oil every evening. As an extra treat use Bobbi Brown Skin Nourish Mask pop it on, massage in after 5 minutes, and sleep in it!

Your skincare routine will really make all the difference to how your makeup will look on the day, so invest some time each morning prepping your skin before makeup.

Any other pearls of wisdom?

Be sure to book a trial. The trial is so important. It should take around 2 hours and it should be at the beginning of the day, so you can see how the makeup wears as the day goes on. It’s your time to really get to know your makeup artist, their style, and ask questions. Ensure you are watching every step and if you are not happy with anything, then say. We’re nice people, we won’t be offended, we want you to be happy and feel comfortable on your big day. After the trial, I always send a full list of all the products used, and I really appreciate it when I get a follow up email from my client updating me with how the makeup lasted throughout the day.
You can check out Jules’ portfolio on her website. If social media is your bag, then check out her work on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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How to find your perfect Bridal Make Up Artist