I LOVE CONFETTI! There’s one simple rule here: MORE IS MORE. There is no such thing as too much confetti. However, you will need to check with your venue if they have any rules on it. Even if they don’t have any restrictions, it’s always best to opt for biodegradable confetti – for the planet maaaaaaan! (The planet, and David.) Now, I’ve really thought about this because I love it so so much, so prepare for the ultimate guide to wedding confetti by a true confetti connoisseur:

bride and groom walk through evening colourful confetti tunnel at voewood house wedding

What is the Best Kind of Wedding Confetti?

The best kind of confetti is brightly coloured and fairly large in size. This ensures that you will have photos showing your brightly coloured confetti slowly fluttering down around you and your beau. Generally the larger the confetti piece, the slower it will fall through the air, so it needs to be approximately 2cm diameter.

Confetti that works really well:

  • Brightly coloured tissue paper
  • Flower petals of mixed size and various colours

Things that don’t work well:

  • Rice (looks shit and bloats pigeons, no one likes a bloated pigeon)
  • Lavender
  • Tiny broken up dried flower pieces in a dark colour
  • Bubbles (if you’re dead set on bubbles, get a a few bubble machines to create LOADS)

How Much Wedding Confetti Will You Need?

When you’re ordering your confetti, order enough confetti for each guest to grab a really big handful. If you are buying your confetti in volume and thinking HOW MUCH CONFETTI DO I NEED?!??!!, then a good guideline is 2 litres of confetti for every 10 guests.

A side view of a hand holding brightly coloured wedding confetti. Image by Parrot and Pineapple

Most of all – you do not need to put your confetti in little cones or bags. Get a nice basket or bucket, drop it all in and then get your wedding squad to walk up and down the confetti tunnel asking your guests to take a handful. Cones and bags are an added expense, you may have to spend a lot of time before the wedding filling them and they also really confuse your guests when it comes to throwing (more people than you can imagine just panic and throw the bag / cone, which is MUCH less photogenic lemme tell you. Also, you end up with loads of confetti still in cones / bags – it’s useless there. You want it all in the air raining down on you!)

wedding guests gather round a woman distributing confetti from a box at a wedding. Image by Parrot and Pineapple


Consider a Confetti Canon

The best confetti throwing technique is simply just having a handful of confetti and throwing it over arm (like shooting a hoop in basketball or netball) so it rains down on to you and your wedded beau as you skip through the tunnel. As a confetti specialist, I can say that height is absolutely key to a confetti blizzard. If you want a really next level confetti experience, then I can highly recommend investing in some confetti canons. They are BRILLIANT. 

If your confetti is in cones or bags people tend to throw directly from the cone or open bag, which often becomes airborne too! (Again, as a confetti specialist I can confidently say that no one wants a confetti cone thrown at their face on their wedding day.) The best case scenario is that all your guests hold on to their confetti cone or bag when throwing, but even then the confetti doesn’t get the same height and velocity as when it’s just handheld. Trust me, I’ve really thought about the physics behind this. Don’t even consider confetti cones or bags. 

The Best Time for Confetti

Organising the confetti shot is one of only two parts of the day where I will step up and direct your guests. The confetti moment is best done immediately after the ceremony, before you’ve had a chance for all your guests to greet you after the service. After you have been pronounced married and walked out of your ceremony you should both try to step in to a side room, or anywhere away from the crowd. Not only is it nice to spend that time together as just the two of you – you just got MARRIED! – but it also allows your guests to filter out of the ceremony, and for me to organise them in two lines prepped and ready to go. It takes approximately 10-15 minutes to organise depending on how many guests you have – the more guests you have, the longer they take to organise.

After Your Confetti Moment

Once your confetti moment is done you should allow for some time to mingle with your guests. Your guests will be immensely happy for you and they can’t wait to hug you and tell you how amazing you are. You should make some space for that love and well wishing, I recommend to make space for about 30 minutes AFTER the confetti tunnel (depending on the number of guests you have, 30ish minutes is good for approx 100 guests to tell you how awesome you are). 

My Favourite Confetti Suppliers

Shropshire Petals – Naturally grown range of dried petals

Your Confetti – Pick and mix paper confetti in bright colours, circles and hearts

And not forgetting the grow your own option! Lots of couples will task their green fingered friends and family with growing and drying rose petals to make your own confetti. 

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