There’s just something so exciting about a wedding ring isn’t there? Sure, they started as a visible sign of a dowry, but (thankfully!) since then they’ve evolved with the times to become a symbol of commitment, love, and over-arching joy. In line with this shifting sentiment, cool wedding band styles are now much more readily available too. Where once upon a time, there were few choices to be had and even fewer questions to ask yourself, there’s now loads of options for alternative, stylish wedding ring designs. If you’re struggling with how to select your wedding rings – this is the blog post for you. 

How to select your wedding rings. Groom places ring on brides finger at winter wedding. Image by Parrot and pIneapple

That’s where Victoria comes in! She owns The Quarterworkshop, a studio based in the historical Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham, where she runs – wait for it – how to make your own wedding ring workshops! Is that not just the most fun you’ve ever heard?! With such jewelled wisdom, I thought she’d be the perfect person to ask all my questions to: how to choose a wedding ring, what the different types of wedding rings are, and all the wedding band styles explained…

Victoria from The Quarter Workshop tells us how to select your wedding rings.

Do you have advice on how to select your wedding rings?

“Your wedding ring may be small, but it’s a pretty important bit of the whole thing – your wedding ring is the most lasting part from your wedding day, which you’ll see every day from that day onwards.

It will always be a reminder of the day, of your marriage, and of your partner, and to others it’s a symbol of your commitment to your partner and your marriage – so it’s important to get it right! For this reason, firstly I would say choose something that’s a true reflection of you and your own style. Often, when couples start looking in shops they are faced with a bewildering amount of choice, but they will often say to me that nothing really connected with them or felt right. Most of the rings in high street shops will have been machine made so they can seem a little soulless – that’s when they start looking for alternatives and find us!

Bride laughs and shows off new wedding ring to guests

Often, your engagement ring will play a role in dictating some of the details for the wedding band, such as what material it should be in – it’s best to wear the same carat and type of metal next to each other, as all metals have a different hardness.

Another really important thing to do it to try some on! If you have never worn a ring before or don’t know what will look and sit best next to your engagement ring, then the best thing to do is try them on, to see how they both look and feel. Also, have a look at images and what your friends have – it’s amazing how you can suddenly have feelings about how yellow you like your gold to be, or if you like very straight edges or softer curves!

It can also be a good idea to think about lifestyle as well. If you go to the gym a lot or work with your hands, it might be a good idea to choose a harder wearing metal. Alternatively, if you are going to take your ring off a lot, or if like the idea of it getting marked and developing a patina over time, silver can be a lovely choice as it will pick up lots of little surface marks along the way and grow to be full of character.”


Victoria has a really good guide on her website to give you an idea of how to pick your wedding ring;

What are the different styles of wedding bands?

“There are so many! In some ways a ring is so simple, but the variations you can get – especially if you are making it yourself with me – are endless. In the most simple of terms you have the following wedding band styles, explained:

  • A D shape is a very classic style of band, which is flat on the inside and curved on the outside.
  • A court shape, which is curved on the inside and outside, making  it easy to take on and off
  • A Flat shape, which has straight edges and corners  
  • Round or halo

However, if you’re making your own rings, you should think of these as just your starting shape. You can then sculpt, file or shape them, as well as leaving them how they are.


You also get a wide variety of metals for your wedding ring. At the Quarterworkshop, we specialise in precious metals: this means we use silver and the golds in red, yellow and white – both 9ct and 18ct.”

How to select your wedding rings - wedding rings being made on a workbench.

What should couples look for if they want ethical wedding rings?

“If you’re looking for ethical wedding rings, you can nowadays opt for fair trade materials to make your rings with – your jeweller will carry the symbol on their website. Alternatively, you can use recycled silver or gold to make your rings with!”

How to select your wedding rings

The Quarterworkshop is a studio based in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, dedicated to sharing their craft knowledge to help couples make their own wedding rings together. They’re all about the hand made, and creating bespoke unique pieces using fine craftsmanship techniques. They’re the opposite of mass-produced, soulless bands – just like you’re the opposite of a mass-produced, soulless couple.

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