How to select photos for your wedding album

YAY you’ve decided to get a wedding album made up. GOOD CHOICE. Here’s how to start selecting images from your online gallery.

1) Start your album order by using the album order form

Fill in this form to receive the album order form

2) Check your inbox for an email from me asking you to start selecting photos


3) Click the button in your email ‘Select Photos’

4) When in your gallery, hover over the selection tool on the desired photo (the two squares) 

5) Check the box ‘album’

6) Review your choices by clicking on the two squares in your navigation bar

8) You can remove any photos from the selection tray, as well as add your likes and remove all photos.

9) Once satisfied with the selection, click on Send to Photographer. An email notification will be sent to the photographer. 

10) If too many photos are selected, the selection will display a red colour and not allow the selection to be sent to the photographer.