2018: Year in Review

2018: Year in Review

Woooooooo weeeeeeeee WHAT A YEAR?! So 2018 was the first full year for Parrot and Pineapple, and I can hand on heart say it’s been ALL KILLER NO FILLER. I’ve absolutely loved every wedding that I’ve photographed. And, just as I planned for, they’ve all been different and unique in their little ways. But there’s been one over riding common theme – couples that just wanted to get married without any of the traditional patriarchal bull shit that is all too often associated with weddings.

Here’s a tiny fraction of the images that I took from all of the weddings I photographed. All of these images are my absolute faves. I got a little bit emosh putting this video together. Because these images are exactly what I set out to capture. Little moments. Joy. Strength. Love. Big fun.

Sit back, relax, hit full screen and most importantly turn up the volume.


Thank you to every couple that booked me to shoot their wedding. You made 2018 an absolute blast for me and that’s exactly why I do this job. If you’re thinking about booking me for your wedding in 2019, you can read what these couples say about me here and contact me to enquire about availability here.

Pssst – cool light up sign used in the header image is from Locke & Busby.

Ikon Gallery Wedding | Birmingham | Charlotte & Ken

Ikon Gallery Wedding | Birmingham | Charlotte & Ken

When Charlotte sent me her enquiry and mentioned she was in Ibiza, I instantly knew I wanted to shoot her wedding. As a retired raver I do love a wedding that’s be planned with the intention of having a massive party at the end. I’m in my happy place on the dance floor, so shooting an Ikon Gallery wedding with all the colour and creativity that brings was a flippin’ dream. Charlotte and Ken got the best of both worlds with their wedding, a small intimate ceremony and delicious lunch surrounded by loved ones, followed by a big rave up with their wider circle. Read on to find out how they planned it:

How did you first meet?

We met on the first day of our last year at Medical school – I walked into the first lecture late and scruffy (dressed in cycling gear) and sat on the nearest empty seat which then broke! Not the discreet entrance I had hoped for! The broken seat happened to be next to Keni! We got chatting at the end of lectures, bonded over our common love for underground electronic music, Keni woo-ed me by teaching me how to DJ and I won him over with my homemade peach crumble!

Bride in coast dress at Birmingham Registry office wedding

What was the proposal like?

In Ibiza! At our favourite beach side restaurant and the ring came out with a pineapple tarte tatin! We had lots of sparkly wine to celebrate then went to Pacha. Sadly I was promptly thrown out of Pacha (I blame the sparkly wine) so Keni took me home then went back out and partied until 6am alone! The engagement story made him lots of party friends though! definitely our most memorable and special trip to Ibiza ūüôā

How did you find planning your wedding?

Not too bad! I didn’t want a big wedding and had lots of friends who helped out so apart from the last few weeks it was all quite chilled and stress free!

What venues did you choose and why?

We chose Birmingham because it’s and where we met and spent the first year of our relationship and we have got a lot of happy/funny/ridiculous memories! We had the ceremony at Birmingham register office then went to Bistro Pierre for lunch with our immediate family, best man and maid of honour. In the evening we had a big party at the Ikon – an art Gallery just off the canal in Brindley Place. We chose the Ikon as we wanted an urban wedding and Ken loves art. We picked the date based on the exhibition at the gallery – Polly Apfelbaum Waiting For the UFOs – it was spacey, colourful and amazing!

What did you both wear? Why did you choose those outfits?

I wore a bargain dress from Coast – ¬£99 in the sale! As we were having quite an informal and low-key ceremony I didn’t want a full-length gown and fell in love with my dress as soon as I tried it on! Keni wore a gorgeous suit from Paul Smith complete with waistcoat and tie.

What sort of theme did you go for with decor and styling?

As the exhibition at the Ikon only opened a few days before our wedding we didn’t know what it was going to look like so I suppose the theme was “surprise!”! So everything was a bit random and colourful and exactly what we fancied rather than sticking to a theme. My friend did the flowers and did an amazing job – the remit was modern and architectural with a pom-pom hydrangea bouquet and that’s exactly what she did with colourful gladioli and kalanchoes. My auntie made the cake which was decorated with my favourite flowers – daisies, sunflowers and hydrangeas.

Ikon gallery wedding by Parrot & Pineapple Wedding Photography

What was your ceremony like?

The ceremony was short and simple which is just as we wanted it – I was so nervous even though it was only our immediate family!

What was your plan for the reception?

For the evening reception we wanted a great big party with a free bar, great music and a full dance floor until the very end! We started off with welcome drinks and canapés made by my lovely friend; then we had speeches with fizz; a caricature artist to capture some guests; live music then a DJ until 2am! The speeches and the first dance were my favourite bits Рeverybody all together laughing and having a great time!

Ikon gallery wedding by Parrot & Pineapple Wedding Photography

What was your first dance song and why?

Earth wind and fire – September. We absolutely LOVE this song, we got married in September, and we knew it would make everybody want to dance!

Did you have any special entertainment? If so what was it?

Keni’s oldest friend Vicky Sun travelled all the way from Taiwan and performed the most AMAZING song that she wrote just for the day – it was about a cat a tree and it was perfect!

Ikon gallery wedding by Parrot & Pineapple Wedding Photography

What is your advice to other couples getting married? What would you do differently?

Biggest piece of advice is get a good photographer and I recommend Rowan! We almost didn’t have a photographer because of budget constraints but I am so glad we did – getting the photos after the wedding is so exciting, you get to see loads things you probably missed on the day and get to see all your guests having fun! Rowan’s pictures have captured exactly how the day felt and when I look at them I feel like I’m reliving the day which is priceless. Second biggest piece of advice is don’t stress too much about the little things ! There will be hiccups on the day and things that don’t go to plan – for us it was a forgotten ring pillow made by a family friend, smashed jars of pick and mix and some lighting that kept tripping out all the electric – BUT nobody noticed! Everybody was too busy having a good time!

What was it like working with me?

A joy! Rowan is relaxed and fun and loads of my guests even said they want to be her friend! If you need anything on the day or before Rowan is happy to help and is a fountain of wedding knowledge.

Intimate Birmingham Wedding Photos

Ikon Gallery Wedding Suppliers

Ceremony Venue : Birmingham Registry Office

Wedding Lunch Venue: Bistrot Pierre

Reception: Ikon Gallery

Catering : Paella Inc

Are your own planning Birmingham Wedding?

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The Tab Centre Wedding | East London | Grace & Graeme

The Tab Centre Wedding | East London | Grace & Graeme

When Grace and Graeme told me they had a cat named Peggy Mitchell I was dead set on shooting their wedding. First of all, I love cats and secondly I love Eastenders. And who was the greatest character is Eastenders histroy? Only East End Queen GETOUTTAMAPUB Peggy Mitchell. Which is a fitting name for a cat owned by a couple who had a lovely East London wedding. The were a dream come true for me! 

Scroll down to see all the photos and read how they planned their perfect wedding. They had eclectic bridesmaids in yellow, dried flowers, a couple of hundred green beer bottles, A DOG and Grace chose to wear her glasses (because as a fellow specs wearer it’s lovely to see a bride in glasses!).

What’s your love story? How did you meet?

We met back in 2011 when Graeme started work at the group of recording studios where Grace worked. After a year of hanging out and after-work drinks we got together after a fateful Elton John gig in 2012!

What was the proposal like? 

Super laid-back. Grace was studying for her finance exams on a Saturday, and as soon as she got through the door Graeme proposed in the flat with Belle & Sebastian playing in the background. We hastily had a cup of tea then headed out for a celebratory dinner.

How did you find planning your wedding? Anything funny/interesting happen along the way? 

We did nothing for about 6 months, then took it pretty steadily over two years. We knew from the start that we wanted to get married in London, and spent a long time looking at lots of venues, primarily in East London. We were trying to find a venue that would fit in our budget, was in a location we were likely to visit again, and would allow us a fun and informal party that was still felt a bit fancy.

We tried to plan things so that there wouldn’t be any last-minute stresses or too much to do at once or on the day. Dried flowers meant we had all the bouquets, button-holes and flowers for decorating the venue over a month in advance.¬†Using beer bottles as vases meant that they could go in the bottle bank at the end¬†of the night, rather than worrying about bringing lots of vases home at the end of¬†the night, or hire collections.

We had a lot of fun getting through all the beers for vases in the couple of months leading up to the wedding. Anyone visiting our home in those couple of months could only drink beer, which I don’t think anyone particularly minded. We managed to finish the 120 with a couple of days to spare before¬†the wedding. I don’t think we will be drinking any Biere D’or in the near future.

Which venues did you choose and why?

We chose Islington Town Hall for the ceremony and The Tab Centre in Shoreditch for¬†the reception. The Council Chamber in the Town Hall is a beautiful venue, and we needed somewhere that could fit all of our guests for both ceremony and reception. The Tab Centre is a lovely old hall right in the middle of Shoreditch. It’s a not-for-profit venue and anything they make goes back into supporting the local community¬†too which appealed to us, and being dry-hire we had the freedom to do what we wanted in there. We live in East London and knowing that we’d wander past the venues from time to time after the wedding appealed to us too.

What was your ceremony like?

The ceremony was a bit of a blur! The Council Chamber at Islington Town Hall is a beautiful venue so we didn’t need to do any decorating in there. We had a carefully¬†curated selection of Belle & Sebastian songs playing while guests arrived, then for¬†the ceremony music we had an acoustic band made from 4 of our friends. They are all¬†trained musicians so the music was fantastic. We had one short reading by Grace’s sister Hannah- “That Still & Settled Place” by Edward Monkton. It spoke to us because we’re most relaxed and content when we’re together in our home in Plaistow. In an¬†other slight break with tradition we had our Mums as witnesses, and Grace walked down the aisle solo behind her parents. For the music we had Blackbird by The Beatles¬†as Grace walked down the aisle, then during the signing of the register we had When¬†I Go by Slow Club and Fairytale Lullaby by Bombay Bicycle Club (a John Martyn cover), then Two Of Us by The Beatles as we left.


What did you both wear? Why did you choose those outfits?

Grace wore a dress by “Sweetheart” from a wedding outlet near Graeme’s home village¬†in Yorkshire (Bridal Factory Outlet). I had been to a couple of dress shops, and found the experience a bit terrifying, as I’m not really one for getting dressed up.
The outlet felt a lot more chilled out, and there was loads to chose from which you¬†could buy off-the-peg there and then. A couple of married friends had also recommended the dress outlet, as it was where they had bought their dresses. I was pretty sure I would be having a good dance and flinging wine around by the end of the night, so it was important that my dress allowed dancing, and I wouldn’t be too heartbroken if it was a bit stained by the end of the wedding. I bought flat blue leather¬†sandals and jewellery from a selection of Etsy shops. The sandals were super comfortable, which also enabled a lot of dancing, and I think having a bit of colour made¬†my outfit look a bit more fun than classic white shoes. My hair and make-up was done by Anita Stevens, she was great! I knew very little about what I wanted, so she was fantastic at making suggestions, and I felt so glamorous once she was finished.
Graeme wore a suit by Alexandre of England after a long afternoon of suit shopping on Oxford street with his slightly more fashion-conscious friend, shoes and accessories were from Ted Baker.


What sort of theme did you go with for your wedding decor?

We were going for a more informal, colourful theme than your classic high-end wedding. Seat covers were banned for a start. We used dry flowers throughout the venue and for the bouquets and button-holes, all coloured blue, purple and yellow. We spent the months prior to the wedding drinking 120 little green bottles of beer to put¬†the flowers in on the tables, which actually worked out cheaper than buying glass bottles or hiring vases, and meant they could all go into the bottle bank at the end¬†of the night. For favours we used succulents, adding to the green vibe of the venue. We went with rustic looking tables and decorated them with the flowers, succulents and fairy lights. The venue had coloured down lighters, so after a few bay trees¬†and a giant light-up “MCALLEN” sign that’s about all the decorating we had to do! One of our favourite items was the guestbook and polaroid camera – we’ve been enjoying looking through the hilarious messages and photos after the wedding!


What was the plan for your reception?

Aside from feeding and watering everyone we didn’t have much of a plan for reception! Our caterers were PieMinister. We had a drinks reception with canap√©s on the balcony at The Tab Centre, followed by a main meal of pie and mash, after which Grace’s Mum, Graeme and his head groomsman Graham gave speeches, then it was straight into the party for the rest of the night. The most important thing for us was that we had all our friends and family in one place having a great time, and I think it’s¬†safe to say we achieved that.

What is your advice for other couples getting married? What would you do differently?

I think my (Graeme) advice would be to try and relax and enjoy the day. Try not to¬†focus on all the tiny details, and trust that you and your friends and family will¬†have a fantastic time regardless of the colour of your napkins for example. If you¬†don’t fancy running around on the morning of the wedding go for decorations like dried flowers that you can get well in advance. We were able to set up the venue the¬†day before too which was incredibly helpful.¬†I think my advice (Grace), is pretty similar to Graeme’s.

Only bits I would add, is¬†that I’m really glad we spent the night together the evening before the wedding. I¬†think you can feel quite stressed the night before about everything running smoothly on the day, and that all your guests are going to get there. I imagine we both would have felt a lot more stressed if we hadn’t have been together to chill each other out. My only other advice is about hair and make-up.

I had been in two minds about spending what felt like quite a lot of money on getting my hair and make-up done¬†the morning of the wedding, as I don’t really do much dressing up. I’m so glad I did, as I felt super glamarous and fancy all dolled-up. To reiterate, I think dried flowers was a great move, my bouquet still looks lovely in a vase at home!

What was it like to work with me?

Rowan was fantastic! We didn’t appreciate before the wedding that you’re not just looking for someone who can take fantastic photos (which Rowan can), but it’s also really important that they can organise people and arrange great group photos without being bossy, blend into the crowd when needed, and generally be great fun and get¬†along with all your guests. Rowan absolutely smashed it and all our guests have commented on how great she was and how lovely the photos are. She was also brilliant at finding little spots around the venue to take photos, for example some street art¬†in a church yard near The Tab Centre, and a great big yellow door that went perfectly with the bridesmaids’ dresses, all without taking us away from the party for too¬†long.

East London Wedding Photos

East London Wedding Suppliers

Bride’s dress: Bridal Factory Outlet, Northallerton

Grooms Suit : Alexandre of England from House of Fraser

Ceremony venue: Islington Town Hall

Reception venue: The Tab Centre

Entertainment: Signature Sounds DJ

Transport: London Retro Bus Hire

If you’re planning your own East London wedding and looking for a photographer that’s not going to make you do boring and cheesey stuff then get in touch with me! You can see my prices here, read what other people think of me here and contact me here.

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Stationers Hall Wedding | London | Hannah & Alex

Stationers Hall Wedding | London | Hannah & Alex

On the blog this week is Hannah and Alex’s mega fun London city wedding – complete with lots of Greek dancing and Irish spirit. When I first met Hannah and Alex and they told me they just wanted to have fun with their family and friends, I knew their wedding was going to be good – and it did not disappoint! The dance floor was packed right from first dance all the way through to when I reluctantly packed up my camera kit to go home a few hours later.

Bride and groom hug on the dance floor at a London City wedding. Image by Parrot & Pineapple.

How did you meet?

The most romantic of love stories – we met at an infamous Irish bar in Stockwell called the Swan at about 5am. But Alex did then take me to Gordan’s wine bar for our first date which was a little more classy.

Bride and groom kiss under a shower of confetti at a London City wedding. Image by Parrot & Pineapple.

What was the proposal like?

Hilarious! We were in Jamaica but there was a storm warning so sadly Alex’s romantic dinner for two on the beach got moved to the sitting room of another hotel room which was deadly quiet and totally devoid of atmosphere, we moved the settings onto the balcony to make it seems slight less bizarre. We were then visited by an over-enthusiastic hotel photographer who made us pose for ‘romantic pictures’ (we’ve never seen the result of these). Finally, over pudding Alex was ready to propose but our eager waitress obviously wanted to witness so Alex had to ask her to wait outside before he proceeded to panic, practically throw the ring at me and ask if ‘I..er‚Ķfancy getting married’. Luckily, there wasn’t actually a storm anyway so we then had some much more chilled drinks on the beach. This is my paraphrased, slightly hazy memory of a perfect proposal anyway.

Wedding couple smile and laugh during wedding speech at London City wedding. Image by Parrot & Pineapple.

Which venues did you choose?

We chose St Etheldreda’s Roman Catholic church for our ceremony – it’s an absolutely stunning and very old church in the heart of London City. And, it turns out that my mum has taken us there for mass a few times as a child. It was really close to our reception venue too – I loved the idea of a whole gaggle of people heading to the reception together. We got a wedding car from the church to the reception and that is the one thing I regret, not walking with everyone.
Our reception was at Stationers Hall, a very large venue in central London with a garden. The rooms are stunning. I was slightly concerned if the formal and slightly medieval looking hall would transform into an evening venue but with a whole load of uplighters from the DJ it looked and felt just how I wanted.

St Etheldredas church hosting the ceremony of a London City wedding. Image by Parrot and Pineapple.

What did you wear?

I wanted a dress that was comfortable and that I could eat and dance in. I went for a classic style with Grecian floor length dress with a plunging neckline. It worked perfectly! And the split up the front meant you could see my pink shoes giving it a slightly less traditional feel. I had a simple cathedral length veil which was so long! It may have looked photogenic but it was supremely annoying. Then some coloured dried flowers in my hair. I didn’t want to look too precious so ended up wearing an old pair of earrings which added a bit of bling! My ‘something borrowed’ was an elephant broach on the waistband from my mum, ‘something blue’ was a bracelet from my sister, ‘something old’ was a ring I wear all the time which has been passed down the family and ‘something new’ was pretty much the rest!

Savin Olivia wedding gown from Gillian Million hanging in a bedroom at bridal prep. Image by Parrot & Pineapple.

Alex wore a pale grey suit. All the groomsmen wore brightly coloured ties which coordinated with the flowers and bridesmaid dresses.

Brightly coloured wedding party pose in a formal group at a London City Wedding. Image by Parrot & Pineapple.

What theme did you go for with your wedding styling?

We didn‚Äôt have a specific theme as such, we just wanted it to be a very colourful and fun day. This was incorporated in the bridesmaid dresses, some were in sunflower yellow and some in raspberry pink, my shoes were bright pink, the flowers and the very colourful confetti. For all our stationary we had a greenery, leafy motif which was also brought out in the beautiful garlands we had on the banqueting tables and all the olive leaves around the cake. We didn’t have a traditional cake but a tower of cheese as we are quite possibly addicted to cheese. I made the table plan with my sister. We decided not to do table names, but many people commented on how much like Hogwarts it looked, so in retrospect wish I’d done the Hogwarts house names. Alex is half Greek, half Irish so the greenery did look quite greek, my dress actually looked quite Greek (unintentional), and we also had Greek and Irish dancing through the night (sadly the lovely listed floors understandably meant no plate smashing inside).

Greenery wedding decorations at a London City Wedding. Image by Parrot & Pineapple.

What was your ceremony like?

Our favourite bit, aside from the sermon, was probably when we both got the giggles as couldn’t remember if either of us had taken the labels of our shoes, but neither of us could check in the way we were kneeling.

Bride and groom smile at each other during a London city wedding at St Etheldredas. Image by Parrot and Pineapple.

What did you enjoy about your reception?

So many highlights! We it ended on the best high ever. We chose Oasis – Don’t look back in anger, which was maybe a bit cheesy but we knew everyone would know it. We were up on people shoulders with everyone, all our favourite people in the world, circled around us all singing along. It was the best possible way to end the night!

Fun wedding party at a London city wedding. Image by Parrot and Pineapple.

What was your first dance?

Lucky Man – The Verve. We both knew we didn’t want a particularly romantic, slow song as or first dance. We, also have very different music taste but we discovered it apparently crosses over in Mancunian Rock given we’d narrowed it down to The Smiths and Oasis as well‚Ķwho knew!

Bride and groom dance their first dance at a London City Wedding. Image by Parrot and Pineapple.

What entertainment did you have?

During the day we had a pianist playing modern music during the drinks reception in the garden and then again during meal. I’ve been at wedding before and it’s lovely background music, plus you constantly find yourself recognising songs. Also, one of my relatives is a great pianist and ended up dueting with him for a few songs.¬†¬†
For the evening we had a DJ who was accompanied by a saxophonist which everyone really loved. I think a highlight was seeing the saxophonist up on the window sill, silhouetted against the stained glass window. (PianoDJs organised all of this).

Saxophonist plays alongside a DJ at a London City Wedding. Image by Parrot & Pineapple.

What’s your advice to other couples getting married?

In the run up I wished I’d done so many things differently (not had a London wedding, had it more casual, had it smaller, etc, etc), but on the day everything went so well! I am so glad I stayed with what we originally planned as I wouldn’t change a thing. I think my main advice wouldn’t be don’t stress it, it may not be you’re perfect wedding ‘on paper’ but once it starts and everyone is having an amazing time then it doesn’t really matter where it is, what you wear or what the ‘theme’ is.

Bride and groom stand in front of modern art sculpture at a London City wedding. Image by Parrot and Pineapple.

How did you manage your budget?

A large London wedding was always going to be a lot but we did come in just under budget. We did a few things to make that work for us, for example we wanted an open bar with a champagne reception and plenty of booze flowing, so it worked out it was cheaper to get corkage and then go to France and buy most of it there. My dress, while still not cheap, was ex-sample, and getting the veil from the same place meant I got a discount. All the suits were hired in the end as Alex hates wearing them so there was no point him buying one that would hardly ever be worn again (because my dress will be worn so much again… :)). Rather than have a three course meal, we had two courses and then provided a help yourself cake buffet from M&S, plus some baklava and loukoumi from Greece.

Champagne reception at a London city wedding. Image by Parrot & Pineapple.

What was it like to work with me?

So much fun!! I would recommend you to anyone. For our pre-wedding shoot you gave us enough direction without us feeling stilted and posed, you made us relaxed and made us laugh despite the fact there were quite a few people around. Plus, you were great company. This was so reassuring for the wedding day. On the day you were subtle in the church, organised the group photos with just the right amount of forcefulness while coming across as light-hearted and upbeat the whole time, plus you got all the posed photos over quickly, so we weren’t away for the guests for too long. I have had so many compliments for you, from people at the reception who said how much fun you were to have around. And the bridesmaids said you were great in what sounded like a slightly stressful car journey where you were very calming company. Everyone who has seen the photos so far loves them!

Guests pose for a photo taken by a guest at a London city wedding. Image by Parrot and Pineapple.

If you’re planning your own London City wedding and want me to come along and capture the fun, you can check out my prices here and get in contact with me here.

London City Wedding Photos

London City Wedding Suppliers

Bride’s dress and veil: Savin Olivia from Gillian Million

Bride’s shoes: Russell & Bromley

Bride’s hair accessories : Etsy

Bride’s earrings: Mango

Groom’s suit: Moss Bross

Groom and groomsmen’s ties: James Alexander

Make up: Lauren Mathis

Bridesmaids dresses: Boden

Ceremony venue: St Etheldredas Church

Reception venue: Stationer’s Hall London

Catering: Chester Boyd

Entertainment: Piano DJ

Flowers: Blue Lavender Barnes

Transport: Crawford Cars


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Greenwich Yacht Club Wedding | South East London | Grace & Jiten

Greenwich Yacht Club Wedding | South East London | Grace & Jiten

Greenwich Yacht Club is a true hidden gem of a London wedding venue. It’s nestled on the Greenwich peninsula, just downstream from the O2 and literally built ON the Thames. The clubhouse venue is an architecture lovers dream, standing up high on stilts over the river and built from glass. So when Grace and Jiten got in touch and asked me to photograph their Greenwich Yacht Club wedding I was chomping at the bit to take up their offer! They filled their day with bright colours, mountains of delicious food, two heartfelt ceremonies and a lot of laughter. Scroll down to read all about it and see the snaps.

Bride and Groom stand in Hindu wedding outfits outside Greenwich Yacht Club. Image by Parrot & Pineapple. Click through to see more brightly coloured wedding photos.

What’s your love story? How did you meet?

We met on a night out in South London. I overheard Jiten talking about someone I went to school with and butted into his conversation. He then proceeded to call me Georgina for an evening and persistently asked if he could pass for Mexican … the rest is history!

Bride waits to see her husband to be during hindu wedding at Greenwich Yacht Club. Image by Parrot and Pineapple. Click through to see more brightly coloured wedding photos.

What was the proposal like?

We didn’t really have a traditional proposal as such. We had lots of conversations about whether or not marriage was for us and eventually mutually agreed it was. I was then browsing vintage engagement rings online and found the perfect one in a shop near where we live. Jiten just said ‘lets go and get it!’ but we had agreed it was too soon to be planning a wedding so he hid it from me for 6 months! When the time was right we took it to our local park with a bottle of wine (and a packet of chips from the chippie) and sat under a tree and Jiten gave it to me then.

Bride and groom kiss after delivering wedding speeches at Greenwich Yacht Club. Image by Parrot & Pineapple. Click through to see more brightly coloured wedding photos.

How did you find planning your wedding?

Mostly it was fun and we enjoyed doing some of the tasks but there were definite moments of stress and we had to remind ourselves that we were consciously trying to make this a low-key and fun wedding and not to get wrapped up in things that did not feel like us or were just doing to meet others expectations.

Bride and colourfully dressed wedding guests look at butter cream wedding cake. Greenwich Yacht Club. Image by Parrot & Pineapple. Click through to see more brightly coloured wedding photos.

Why did you chose Greenwich Yacht Club?

We wanted somewhere where we could have all elements of our wedding in one place to minimise travelling about and having to pay extra for transport – so we were looking for somewhere suitable for civil ceremony, Hindu ceremony (let us have a fire!) and a party. We wanted it to be local to us so only looked in South East London and wanted it to be relaxed, a bit different, low key and informal. We found the perfect place in Greenwich Yacht Club which ticked all the boxes and immediately just felt fun and relaxing!

Brightly coloured flowers in jam jar vases at Greenwich Yacht Club wedding. Image by Parrot & Pineapple. Click through to see more brightly coloured wedding photos.

What did you both wear?

I wore a 50s style tea-dress because I have always loved vintage clothing and wanted something less formal than a more traditional wedding dress but still to feel special in it. I had a pair of gold heals for the ceremony but abandoned them for the Hindu ceremony and went bare foot, and then just wore sandals in the evening. I wore my grandma’s earrings for a personal touch and they were 60s esque so went well with my dress. I was given a gold mangalsutra (wedding necklace) during the Hindu ceremony so wore that for the rest of the day. I had a dried flower crown first for the civil ceremony and replaced that with a 60s headband in the evening. Jiten wore a blue suit with a peacock lining and bright yellow tie as he wanted something colourful and fun.

Bride wears 50s style tea length wedding dress at Greenwich Yacht Club wedding. Image by Parrot & Pineapple. Click through to see more brightly coloured wedding photos.

We both wore traditional Indian wedding outfits (red, white and gold) for the Hindu ceremony, though I went for an Anarkali rather than sari as it was more comfortable and I could dress myself. Though in reality it took three bridesmaids and my sister in law to get me in and out! Jiten abandoned the turban as he felt it was too much.

Bride and groom at hindu wedding ceremony taking place at Greenwich Yacht Club. Image by Parrot and Pineapple. Click through to see more brightly coloured wedding photos.

What sort of theme did you go for with your decor and styling?

We wanted the wedding to be as colourful as possible and that was our only theme really. We just went for brightly coloured bunting etc‚Ķ and let the beautiful flowers do the talking. We had some traditional hindu elements (like a religious mandap) but made these ourselves so just made them as colourful and bright as possible. I really wanted natural, meadow type flowers and our florist made bouquets more amazing then I had ever imagined and really were the centrepiece. We also had a giant poster of Sly Stallone in Cobra as Jiten has always loved him and all things 80s and its a film we both love – that was definitely a talking point- we did actually tweet Sly a photo of this but alas he didn’t reply.

Brightly coloured wedding flowers in jam jars at a Greenwich Yacht Club wedding. Image by Parrot & Pineapple. Click through to see more brightly coloured wedding photos.

What were your ceremonies like?

We decided to have our ceremonies (civil and Hindu) with only immediate family and a very small handful of close friends as we felt it would be more intimate and less intimidating! this was great as it felt like all of our guests were in the wedding and afterwards they all said they felt very included in such an intimate wedding. Civil ceremony: we had both been milling around with our guests before the ceremony so we didn’t have a grand reveal and then walked down the aisle together. I did not want to be given away and we felt like it was a good symbol of how we want our marriage to start – we were also nervous so it was nice to be there together.

Bride and groom stand listening to ceremony reading at Greenwich Yacht Club wedding. Image by Parrot & Pineapple. Click through to see more brightly coloured wedding photos.

We chose a ‘This is the place’ by the talking heads to walk down the aisle to as it is a fun, romantic (and most importantly 80s) song that we both already loved and has a light hearted feel to it. We contemplated the Rocky Theme tune but decided it was too out there! we kept the ceremony short and sweet and avoided the very traditional parts and public vows. My two sisters did readings, one read an extract from ‘The Amber Spyglass’ which was one of my childhood favourite books and the other wrote a poem which made everyone cry! The ceremony felt really special and remains a definite highlight because it felt really personal.

Female pandit Chanda Vas leading hindu wedding ceremony at Greenwich Yacht Club. Image by Parrot & Pineapple. Click through to see more brightly coloured wedding photos.

We then had a Hindu ceremony which was a complete contrast. We found the UK’s first female Hindu priest, Chanda, which was great as it felt really feminist and she was amazing. she is really kind and funny and put us all at ease whilst keeping the service spiritual and meaningful. The ceremony was really colourful and fun to do. Jiten had to present me a mangal sutra (wedding necklace) which he couldn’t do up and was busy strangling me with it until his sister in law rescued us!

Female Pandit Chanda Vyas - Greenwich Yacht Club Wedding by Parrot & Pineapple. Click through to see more brightly coloured wedding photos.

What was your plan for the reception? 

In contrast to our tiny ceremonies we wanted a massive party with all of our friends and family. We had 150 guests for an informal buffet meal of Indian food and drinks, speeches, cake and dancing. The speeches were a definite highlight, we had Jiten, the bestman, bridesmaids and me doing speeches. Everyone was quite merry by then and they were a really funny part of the day. Jiten even got his entire family doing a Leeds football chant!

Bridesmaids deliver a wedding speech. Greenwich Yacht Club Wedding by Parrot & Pineapple. Click through to see more brightly coloured wedding photos.

Did you have a first dance?

We avoided this like the plague as we felt it was too traditional for us (and too intimidating as neither of us can dance!) – our friends more than made up for this on the dance floor.

Guests dance at a fun wedding. Greenwich Yacht Club Wedding by Parrot & Pineapple. Click through to see more brightly coloured wedding photos.

What entertainment did you have?

We had a vintage style juke box as we don’t always agree on music and thought it would be fun to let people choose their own music – which turned out to be a very eclectic mix! this was great as it was a great talking point. It also looked really good and was a fun edition to our d√©cor.

Bridesmaid and bride dance around wedding jukebox. Greenwich Yacht Club Wedding by Parrot & Pineapple. Click through to see more brightly coloured wedding photos.

What is your advice to other couples getting married?

Go for it and enjoy it as much as possible. We had a bit of stress in the run up but not too bad, and the day itself more than made up for it – we had the best day ever (far better than we imagined) and it all felt worth it! My only real advice would be not to get swept up in other peoples expectations and stick with what feels right for you as a couple and make sure it reflects your personalities.

Bride and groom clink glasses at Greenwich Yacht Club wedding. Image by Parrot & Pineapple. Click through to see more brightly coloured wedding photos.

What was it like to work with me?

AMAZING from start to finish. We were both really worried about having our pictures taken as we are both a bit self conscious but you made us both feel so at ease and it ended up being a really fun experience. The pictures are great and so many friends and family have commented that they are the best wedding photos they have seen. More than that though it was like having another friend at the wedding and we had loads of fun with you. THANK YOU.

Bridesmaids raise glasses to toast bride and groom at Greenwich Yacht Club wedding. Image by Parrot & Pineapple. Click through to see more brightly coloured wedding photos.

Such nice words from Grace!!! I’m feeling all flustered and bashful now. Keep scrolling to see all the fun photos from Grace and Jiten’s Greenwich Yacht Club wedding.¬†

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Scroll down to the bottom to see the list of suppliers to this mega fun, brightly coloured Greenwich Yacht Club wedding.

Greenwich Yacht Club Wedding Suppliers

Venue – Greenwich Yacht Club

Bride’s white dress by Cutting Edge Brides

60s Style Headband from Anthropology

Groom’s blue suit from Ted Baker

Groom’s Hindu suit from Bollywood Borrowed

Flowers by Katie at The Flower Hut

Make up by Ivona 

Hair by Anna at Box Hair in Deptford

Catering by Satkeer Catering

Hindu ceremony led by Pandit Chanda Vyas

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Thorner Victory Village Hall | Leeds | Jodie & Lee

Thorner Victory Village Hall | Leeds | Jodie & Lee

Jodie and Lee’s Kawaii themed wedding is absolute testament to what you can do with a blank canvas and a moderate budget. I loved this wedding – the incredible creativity, the fun, the love, the VIBES. Jodie and Lee had a cearly defined vision for their wedding right from the outset and I believe that’s what bought it to life in a crazy riot of colour and kitsch. This is one wedding where you HAVE to scroll right to the bottom to see all the snaps.

What’s your love story?

I had spotted Lee out running near my house back in 2009 and thought he looked like a proper handsome chap…following on from this I then started noticing him around more often in the town we lived in. I saw him one day in a supermarket, recognised him sans running gear and accidentally on purpose bumped in to him and started conversation from there…we went on a date to Manchester and it blossomed from there.

What was the proposal like?

Lee and I visit London quite a lot, we love it! We were visiting London to watch 6 Day Cycling back in October 2016.¬†We arrived on day one and Lee suggested we go to Camden followed by a walk up Primrose Hill. It was around dusk and¬†the sun was starting to set, we could see all of the lights of London Town as we were sat looking out from the benches. We were having a conversation and Lee said he had something for me, next thing he was down on one knee ( I remember thinking there are an awful lot of people around what is going on here ) and he asked me to marry him, using his¬†Mum’s engagement ring ( who has sadly passed ) I was lost for words, paused for a long time then started asking if Lee was joking ( several times ) He started to look quite worried due to a lack of yay or nay from me – I eventually¬†said YES! Next thing I know Frank Skinner walked right past us!

Where was your ceremony and reception held?

We knew that we needed some space that we could style out, a bit like a blank canvas, so we knew to achieve this it would need to be a Village Hall. Lee also wanted to use small businesses as much as possible so a venue with a community benefit was ideal. We love Yorkshire so the Party was to be there Рsomewhere. We did a tour of Village Halls one Saturday to try and find something we liked but we could not find a place that met all of our requirements. Lee took to the internet and managed to find Thorner Victory Hall, we arranged a viewing and fell in love with the very well maintained Hall and the village. What sold it for me was the Disco Ball!

What about your outfits?

I wore a dress crafted by The Couture Co. The reason I chose to have a bespoke dress designed was because if I am being honest I felt quite uninspired by traditional wedding dressed and wanted something created that was more me, something I knew I would feel comfortable in. When I spotted The Couture Co I knew immediately they would be the ones to create something for me. Lee wore a suit by Herbie Frogg, having lost a considerable amount of weight over the last couple of years he wanted something that was nicely fitted to show off his new bod.

Talk us through your wedding decor:

We opted for a full on RAINBOW theme ( because if I was a thing I would be an actual rainbow ) with a hint of Kawaii. My pinterest board was absolute mayhem, full of bright and amazing ideas but I was struggling to reign it in. We enlisted the help of AppleTree Events who helped to suggest a more focussed approach by designing some boards of what it would look like. We opted for no flowers, but have succulents with bright coloured heads that flower, planted in mini disco balls. An array of animals from the Painted Parade all wearing party hats. As we were doing street food we did not have set places for guests, we wanted people to mix and get to know each other so we left it quite open for that to happen. We used foils to decorate the walls and had a mix of Pom Pom Chandeliers, Pom Pom garlands, tissue tassel garlands created by Sharelle from AppleTree and huge colourful balloons dotted all around. In the bar area we opted to hire some metallic effect Chesterfield sofas whilst crafting some Ikea tables with wicked stickers from Mrs Grossmans Sticker Factory and holographic sticky back plastic. We had a small side room we were able to use as a Kids room, we put a Big Top style tent in there with some cushions, inflatables, colouring supplies etc so that they were kept entertained. We also had a temporary tattoo station which was a real hit along with the Glitter Station from Wish Upon a Sparkle! Glitter beards everywhere!

What was your plan for the reception?

Our plan was to Party! We did structure the day slightly to let guests know when they could start to get their food¬†and when the disco started. We tried to ensure that the day didn’t have any “dead time” where people were just stood¬†around waiting for things to happen. The favourite part of Lees day was when the kids had eaten too many sweets and¬†got their second wind on the dance floor, being dragged around on inflatable Unicorns and Flamingos. Jodie’s favourite part was seeing everyone have such a good time and eat lots of food ( I am a full on Feeder ).

How did you find working with me?

From the offset working with you was really easy and fun, you set our expectations from day one. You made us feel so relaxed in front of the camera when the day came any anxieties we had went out of the window. Lee and I have hardly
any photographs of us together over the last 9 years because we are both quite camera shy and you have created some absolutely amazing images of the pair of us that make us feel a million dollars. We actually feel like celebrities at the moment and that is all down to you. Thank-you.

What entertainment did you have?

We chose to have a Magician who would be more like a guest at the party, subtly inserting himself in to conversations being had by the guests and then astounding them with his magic. Wish Upon A Sparkle were hired, as it was a Rainbow, glitter based theme we thought it would be a hit and it was! For music in the evening we chose a DJ that played non cheesy party music but was open to playing some classics from the decades.

What’s your planning advice for other couples getting married?

Dare to be different, make sure it reflects you as a couple and don’t feel like you are being pushed down a particular route.¬†If you are not using an hotel or a venue with a co-ordinator, hire one ours was amazing(and like a ninja). She ensured that suppliers were managed, the hall was tided up and items like the cake was cut up for the guest, whilst we were busy having fun.¬†One thing we would do differently was to get the cake delivered rather than collect and transport ourselves. We lost¬†the bottom tier!

Thorner Village Hall – Rainbow Themed Wedding Photos

Keep scrolling to see more photos and check out the credits at the end of the brilliant suppliers that contributed towards this lovely day.

If you are planning your own fabulous uniquely themed Wedding, or you are looking for informal and casual wedding photos then be sure to check out my packages and get in touch for a chat.