How to find and book a wedding florist

How to find and book a wedding florist

Flowers might be one of the first things that come to mind when you think of your wedding, but this doesn’t mean they need to be traditional – oh HELL no. There are a multitude of incredibly exciting, immensely experienced wedding florists looking to tear up the rulebook and flip the bird to tradition when it comes to alternative wedding flowers, whether that’s bouquets, buttonholes or installations. However, they are almost a science in themselves, so to dispel some of the mystery around them, I chatted to my favourite wedding florists to ask questions like what you should look out for when booking wedding flowers, a seasonal guide to wedding florals, and more.

Bride and groom stand next to double decker bus laughing. Brides holds bouquet. Image by Parrot & Pineapple Wedding Photography. Informal wedding photographer.

What should clients look for when choosing their wedding flowers?

Obviously, the first thing to look for is a wedding florist with a style you like – but how the hell do you go about this? Tracey from Campbell’s Flowers, a Sheffield-based florist oozing urban creative flair, guided us through some questions to consider. “It’s always a good idea to do a bit of homework and some light social media stalking! Narrow down your choice to ideally one or maybe two florists and then look at their websites.  For me, it’s usually about creativity, so do they look a good fit for you? If they have wall-to-wall examples of tight, ball-shaped bouquets and you’re a wild, ‘just-picked’ kinda gal, then you’re probably in the wrong place! Do they make you feel reassured? It’s totally fine working with someone who is new to the scene but the work needs to be professional and of a high standard. Do they seem to have a broad range of work? If you are looking for more than bouquets and buttonholes, do they have examples of installations and structures? Once you’ve answered these few simple questions, then get in touch and organise a meet up – don’t worry though, you’ll know for sure once you’ve met them if they are the right florist for you!”

Bride throws her bouquet in the air surrounded by 3 bridesmaids. Photograph by feminist wedding photographer Parrot & Pineapple

Emma from The Petal Studio also highlights what you should be looking for once you meet them (and even in the email or phone chats beforehand!) “I think clients need to be looking for someone who they can connect with, who’s as excited about their wedding as they are, who will listen to their needs, and simply be honest.” Caroline from Flowerology adds: “Rapport is just as much a consideration as trust. as they consider price. You are trusting your florist to carry out a very personal, very important job. You want someone you feel would be fun to work with, someone you ‘gel’ with. Key indicators can include things like how long does the florist take to respond to your enquiry? If they take long, then they are probably also too busy. Some florist take on more work than they can really handle to maximise profit. Do you really want to give that person your money, no matter how sought after their work is. Do you trust them?”

Bride poses with her parents and laughs. Image by informal wedding photographer Parrot and Pineapple.

With regards to finding the actual floral style you want, Alice from Peonies from Pluto suggests hopping on Pinterest. “There are SO many flowers out there, I always suggest getting onto Pinterest and making the most flowery board possible. The more you look and pin, the more suggestions there’ll be for you. You’ll quickly find your board teetering towards particular colours, textures and shapes you prefer, but remember – flowers are seasonal, so be prepared that you may have to compromise!”

Bride and groom stand surrounded by guests. Bride holds larve rainbow coloured bouquet. Image by Parrot and Pineapple Wedding Photography.

Jane from Dove & Myrtle’s advice is to look for seasonal flowers anyway. “Just like food, choosing seasonal ingredients is 100% best. During the growing season I work closely with some gorgeous chemical free flower farmers in Sussex and source as much from them as I possibly can for every event. Their flowers are second to none in terms of variety and fragrance and it makes me so happy knowing that the flowers I’m using are bee friendly, freshly cut and have only travelled a few miles up the road to my studio! Aside from seasonal blooms and foliage being at their absolute best and naturally most beautiful and fragrant the romantic in me loves that forever more the sight or smell of your wedding flowers appearing each year will take you straight back to your wedding day.”

Lady throws confetti over bride and groom. Bride holds simple white round bouquet. Image by fun wedding photographer Parrot and Pineapple Wedding Photography.

Where should you find a wedding florist that suits your wedding?

King-Wey from Alright Petal says that, when used correctly, instagram can be a super useful resource for finding your wedding florist. “Try searching hashtags of some typical wedding flower designs like #bridalbouquet, #tablecentrepiece or #flowerarch, or perhaps some of your favourite blooms. I would also recommend searching for florists by location, either within the area you live or close to your wedding venue so things like #londonweddingflorist, #eastlondonweddingflorist or #[insert venue name]florist for example. This way, venue visits and meetings will be easier to arrange.” Plus, as Alice points out, supporting a local small business is always a winner!

Bride hugs her mum while holding a rainbow coloured bouquet. Image by relaxed wedding photographer Parrot and Pineapple.

And this leads us nicely onto wedding fairs! (I love it when a plan comes together. I’m in the right industry) Emma from The Petal Studio suggests wedding fairs are a great way to meet your florist. “There are some mega wedding shows about that are for the alternative bride, which is a perfect place to meet quirky wedding florists. Also, I would say check to see whether your venue has any wedding fairs booked, and go along to them!” Florists who’ve already worked in your space or are aware of it will have some awesome ideas for what they can do.

Green bottles with dried flowers on wedding breakfast table taken by Parrot & Pineapple Wedding Photography

Jane advises grabbing a mug of tea – check – and spending time looking through wedding directories too. “They’ve already done the legwork for you by selecting suppliers they believe their readers will love.  Also, why not ask another supplier you already have on board or a friend whose wedding flowers you admired? Referrals can be a brilliant way to find your perfect fit.”


How far in advance do you need to book your wedding florist?

This is a kind of how long is a piece of string question, as King-Wey points out, as it differs from florist to florist but also depending on your florist too. Jody from Don’t Settle Petal suggests about a year in advance is a good time: “Book as early as possible. I personally think 12 months is a great time. Your florist can confidently advise you of flowers that will be in season and their cost due to it being the same year! This can make choosing your wedding flowers really inspiring.” Emma points out that this also gives you opportunity to gauge prices and help with the wedding budget.

White and green floral arrangement on a table set ready for wedding breakfast. Image by Parrot and Pineapple Wedding Photography.

But there are certain dates that can be trickier than others, as Tracey explains. Firstly, there’s wedding season to think about: “It’s really good to get in early if your wedding falls on Bank Holiday weekends. In these cases, you are looking at booking around 18 months to 2 years or so beforehand. For Summer weddings between  May – September I would say around a year to 18 months in advance; for October – April think 6 months to a year – but there aren’t really any hard and fast rules really! Most years our wedding season starts March and ends in December and it’s only really January and February where we just have one or two weddings.”

Orange ranunculus button holes. Image by london wedding photographer Parrot and Pineapple Wedding Photography.

But on top of that, there’s also florists’ peak period to think about! “Try if you can to avoid florists’ peak period too. Venues offer discounts during their quieter times but flowers are very expensive around Christmas, Valentine’s and Mother’s Day when our suppliers inflate the prices due to demand – so December, February and March can seem economical, but they’re not always! Also, a real favourite with couples at the moment seems to be booking weddings between Christmas and New Year. However, there usually aren’t any fresh deliveries until the 28th December, and the florist needs a day at least to work on them, so be warned, there will be limited choice!”


Having said that – don’t panic if you don’t have that time at your disposal! Many florists can and will take on bookings with a shorter time frame out of season or when they’re smaller jobs.

Bride and groom kiss outside church covered in confetti. Image by london wedding photographer Parrot and pineapple.

What do you think makes a fun wedding?

All of our incredible wedding florists (alongside essentially all the other belting suppliers I’ve asked in this interview series) said couples bringing their own quirky personalities in and saying sod it to tradition makes the most fun wedding. “I think the fun is in the details,” Tracey explains. “I’ve been asked to incorporate all manner of ideas from conjuring up scenes from “Moonrise Kingdom” for a Wes Anderson themed tipi wedding, to simply incorporating scrabble tiles onto buttonholes for a pair of ‘word nerds’ (their words, by the way!). For me it’s always about being given the freedom to express the couples’ ideas that creates the joy and fun that everyone notices at a wedding.”


On top of that, Jane heartily suggests cocktails. “I’m all for glitter bombs, the right music and killer cocktails – I mean, c’mon..who doesn’t love a Margarita fuelled 1am Mr Brightside session on the dance floor?” But, it must be stressed, only secondary to the whole authentic love thang above.

Greenery wedding decorations at a London City Wedding. Image by Parrot & Pineapple.

What do you wish all wedding clients knew?

Right, folk, don your berets because we’re about to do some MYTHBUSTING. Most shockingly, Tracey says she wishes couples knew that foliage isn’t cheap – SHOCK HORROR! “Seriously. I don’t know who told the wedding world that ‘greenery’ is cheap! If you want wall-to-wall eucalyptus in the Spring then it’s super expensive. All shrubs and foliage go through a natural growing season but when eucalyptus grows the tips are very soft and are damaged by cold very easily so they go black and look awful. Like ALL the materials I work with, including gypsophila (!), they go through periods of being expensive and hard to come by (also smelly if they are gypsophila but that’s another story). So nothing is ‘cheap’ – it’s just marginally less expensive than say a huge, gorgeous David Austin type rose!” Consider the world shook – if you’re looking for wedding flowers on a budget, it’s always best to let your florist guide you on what wedding flowers actually cost!

Red and pink bridal bouquet lying on a table. Image my Parrot and Pineapple.

In a similar vein, King-wey says, flowers aren’t cheap either – even for florists! – and Jody wants couples to know that they can be as involved in their wedding flowers design as they like. “No pressure – but just remember, don’t settle!” she says. (I see what she did there, and I like it.)


Emma says she’d also like to let people know that wedding flowers take TIME. In some cases, it can take up to a week to get all the details perfect, so it’s not something they just whip up. And for that same reason, Caroline wants couples to know that “For goodness sake, if you are going to do your own wedding flowers: at least attend a bouquet making workshop, so that you have half an idea of what is involved.” The events section of her website has upcoming dates, plus private 1-1 lessons on request.

White hydrangea floral arrangement at warehouse wedding. Image by Parrot and Pineapple.

Looking for more super mega useful advice to plan your wedding?

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I’ve asked all my favourite wedding suppliers all the awkward questions so you don’t have to.

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How to choose your wedding florist - advice from informal wedding photographer Parrot & Pineapple

Still looking for a fun, informal wedding photographer? You should check out my 4 minute video for a whirlwind review of all the weddings I shot in 2018. Or just drop me a line to fix up a little chat.

Campbell’s Flowers is an award-winning wedding florist in Sheffield, specialising in creating creative, exciting, flawless floral arrangements. Tracey’s passionate about finding new ways to enhance a venue and looking at it with fresh (geddit) eyes. She also has a super helpful section of her website which shows which wedding flowers are in season when, categorised by month – is she heavensent? We think so.  

Although she’s based just outside of Tunbridge Wells, Alice from Peonies from Pluto is committed to making out-of-this-world floral arrangements. Her wedding flowers have a delightful quirky garden style, often with a rainbow twist.

Dove & Myrtle creates romantic, wild and natural floral arrangements for weddings from her studio in Hove. Jane’s all about the painterly and abundant with a hint of secret gardens, woodland floors and the Bohemian, and above all else LOVES colour and texture. Tumbling vines, twisting tendrils and deliciously scented fresh flowers, foliage and herbs are her favourite ingredients and she’s at her absolute happiest creating flowers that look freshly gathered or like they’re growing from wherever they’ve been placed. Check back in with her blog for more in-depth advice on your wedding flowers!

The Petal Studio is a Leeds-based florists, creating quirky, friendly and passionate flowers. Their aim is to make every couple swoon over their flowers, with a loose and rustic feel. Keep an eye out on their blog for more super helpful advice for couples planning their wedding, from wedding flowers chat to beyond!

Flowerology is a Birmingham-based floral studio, specialising in wedding flowers that are wild, naturalistic, seasonal, and informal. Many of Caroline’s flowers are home grown in her beautiful cutting garden or on her allotment, and it’s this kind of talented hands-on approach that she’ll give from start to finish.

Alright Petal is a floral studio based in North London. Her style is seasonal, eclectic, romantic, and always with an element of surprise. We couldn’t have put any words in her mouth that were better than her own, so here’s King-Wey:  “There are so many wonderfully talented florists out there so it is getting increasingly challenging to find a genuine niche. However, passion is fundamental no matter what profession you are in. Without wanting to sound too cliché, I sincerely love what I do, and I hope this comes through in my work.”

Don’t Settle Petal offers fearless floristry for Midlands-based couples. Other than having the best business name ever, Jody’s work is wild and bold, with a touch of 70s boho working in harmony with 80s neon. Doesn’t that just sound like the absolute dream?


How to stay sane during wedding planning

How to stay sane during wedding planning

Don’t be afraid to admit that wedding planning can be a tad stressful.

See, didn’t that already feel cathartic to say? And it doesn’t mean you’re being a bridezilla, in the slightest; it just means that the wedding industry doesn’t talk about the taboo of wedding planning stress nearly enough.

As a supplier who’s there for most of the process, I’ve compiled a guide on how to stay sane planning a wedding, hoping it offers you some much-needed wedding planning stress relief.

Ginger and White Cat sat near a pair of white wedding shoes - photo taken by Parrot and Pineapple Wedding Photography


Delegate good times, c’mon! as the old song goes. Weddings are funny old things – as soon as you ask someone to be in your bridal party, you automatically want to assuage any stress they may feel on the day and so often you avoid giving them anything to do. Conversely, however, they’re often honoured to have something tangible to contribute, and also – don’t you deserve the same treatment?! If you’re feeling overwhelmed by everything that needs doing, play to your party’s strengths and delegate jobs out, whether little or large.

Labrador wearing a bright striped rainbow bow tie - photo taken by Parrot and Pineapple Wedding Photography

Let people know

Don’t be afraid to let people know you’re struggling a little; it’s not a sign of being a bad person, it’s a sign of planning an epic bash, and that takes some serious wo-manpower. This goes for the people close to you – let them know you’re under a lot of stress, and you would appreciate them being sensitive about the topic – and also people in your wider circles, who you can gently but firmly let know you’d prefer to talk about something else. A problem shared isn’t necessarily a problem halved, but it is a problem that feels immediately less thorny.

Dog stood in front of coloured graffiti wall wear a pom pom collar - photo taken by Parrot and Pineapple Wedding Photography

Take time out

This leads nicely onto my next point, taking time out (it’s almost like I planned it, hey?). If you’re feeling the pressure, take time out to find some wedding planning stress relief. As much as it may not feel like it, those fabric swatches and DJ requests can wait 12 hours – and who knows, the time away may bring you a genius revelation regarding the combination of mustard yellow and You Can Call Me Al!

Two basset hounds sat underneath a table at a pub looking at the camera - photo taken by Parrot and Pineapple Wedding Photography

Eat breakfast…

And lunch and dinner, for that matter! There’s information everywhere you turn on bridal diets and my personal hatred, shredding for the wedding, but there’s not nearly enough information about not dieting for the wedding, and instead making sure you’re nourished. Make sure you eat good food often, food that makes you feel happy and well and fulfilled, because looking after your body helps you look after your mind. Also, make sure you do actually eat breakfast on your wedding day, because all that bubbles and those nerves on a long day make for a looooow alcohol tolerance.

white and black cat staring at the camera while wedding dress hangs in the background on a book shelf - photo taken by Parrot and Pineapple Wedding Photography


One of the first things to do when wedding planning is work out your priorities (check the others out here). Keep these priorities in mind throughout the process, constantly going back to them and checking your worries against them. Is this high up on our list? No. Is it worth the stress I’m currently under? No. Might it be able to be relegated to another day, when I feel more up to it? Yes, with bells on.

Black dog standing in front of colour graffiti wall wearing a floral collar of yellow and purple flowers - photo taken by Parrot and Pineapple Wedding Photography


Without getting all Bill Nye the Science Guy on you, exercise is a great form of wedding planning stress relief. Getting up and moving about releases endorphins that make you feel better and less stressed about these things. Whether it’s going for a run, having a ridiculous nobody-will-see-you 10 minute dance to power ballads or going for a walk to buy a 99 with a flake, the act of moving will signal to your brain that your stress needs to jog on as well.

Dog posing in front of green tiled wall with one paw up wearing a bright red floral collar - photo taken by Parrot and Pineapple Wedding Photography

Keep date nights

Keep date nights as date nights if time allows. With busy jobs and busy lives, wedding planning understandably often becomes date nights – because why are you even doing the whole thing if you don’t enjoy spending time together – but if your schedule allows it, carve some time out to just be yours with no wedding planning stress allowed. This can work twofold – as above, it gives your brain a rest from wedding planning nightmares, but spending time with your other half can also can make the planning process seem a little sweeter when you get back to it, having remembered what it’s all for.

two border collies wearing floral collars sitting in a pub - photo taken by Parrot and Pineapple Wedding Photography

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How to give your wedding reception some pizzazz

How to give your wedding reception some pizzazz

Wedding Reception Pizzazz coming up

At Parrot & Pineapple, I’m all about the party and the pizzazz – and not just because they begin with a p, either (although that does help). If you’re looking to have a fun, unconventional wedding that reflects your personalities, your reception is a perfect opportunity to unleash some majorly quirky wedding ideas to blow your guests’ minds.

Couple in front of till death us do party sign

The most obvious method to create a unique wedding – and one of the easiest, even though it may not seem it – is with your decor. As soon as your guests walk in, quirky wedding decor will make it clear that this isn’t your average do, and that the party vibes are about to be cranked up! It may not seem like an easy task – you’re probably currently wondering how the hell you transform a traditional wedding venue into an alternative wedding paradise – but with well-designed, well-thought-out, brilliant decor choices, a little goes a long way. The king and queen of unconventional wedding ideas, Vowed & Amazed, were kind enough to chat to us about some wedding ideas for your reception. (Seriously, they made a neon rainbow to hire…)

neon love light sign taken by parrot and pineapple wedding photography

First off, Caroline says staying true to yourself is super important. “YOU DO YOU! I have to admit that whilst our own wedding was totally out there and very us-” (her and husband Stuart created their own spinning teacups for theirs) “-there were still a couple of elements I didn’t incorporate because I thought they didn’t fit the theme. Of course, now I wish I had done them anyway! Lesson learned…anything goes if the theme is YOU TWO!” This almost guarantees some funny and quirky wedding ideas off the bat!

Silver sequin shimmer wall by Vowed and Amazed

Silver sequin shimmer wall by Vowed and Amazed

Her second tip is to have something interactive that guests can engage with. “The answer to how to create a fun wedding is definitely interaction! Obviously weddings are the best but they can be a long old day and night, so make sure there are things for your guests to do.”


One of the best ways of doing this is by a good old-fashioned photo opportunity. “You can never go wrong with a photo op – it keeps people snapping for hours of fun.” Caroline continues. “Our sequin shimmer walls work especially well for this – they are so adaptable and you can really make them your own with the personalised text we add. I personally think a big wedding hashtag works great on our walls and keeps all of the photos taken against it in one place. Our sit on moon is also fabulous fun and we’ve even got giant teacup seats that you can sit in and spin!”

Sit on crescent moon by Vowed and Amazed

Sit on crescent moon by Vowed and Amazed

Another easy way of giving your wedding reception some serious pizzazz is with a big rental. It can be tempting to buy lots and lots of tiny decorations for your reception, but often fewer, bigger elements have more impact. Whether your venue is a blank space you’re trying to personalise or it’s somewhere with characteristics you’re trying to disguise, big rentals can act as a focal piece that totally transform the room and the mood. A great example is a giant light-up sign, but I don’t mean just any sign – after all, we are talking about the creators of a giant neon wedding rainbow! “I think my favourite piece of ours is still our ’Til Death Do Us Party sign. It incorporates lots of different mediums, including bulbs, neon and light boxes, so it’s a real show stopper.” Caroline says. Plus, this is double the fun as it’ll be a total shock to your guests – so if you’re looking for some wedding surprise inspiration, this is it!

So, let’s get this party started folk! How are you putting pizzazz into your wedding reception? For more unconventional wedding ideas check out Vowed & Amazed’s wonderful website here:, and hop over to Pinterest to see what else I’m loving.


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How to find the perfect wedding hair and make up artist

How to find the perfect wedding hair and make up artist

Let’s talk Hair and Make Up


Everyone talks about the dress all the time – which doesn’t even have to be a dress – but very few people chat a lot about bridal make-up and bridal hair. Well, pals, fret not, as I’m here to chat about them, and to do so with some of the best in the game too! How you look on your wedding day is so important, but what’s crucial is how you feel – so there’s so much more to finding your wedding make up artist and wedding hair stylist than just who looks like they can wave an eyeshadow brush. Here’s my guide to finding the perfect bridal hair and makeup artist!



Do you have any advice for those worried about an HMUA not feeling confident or qualified to work with their skin tone or hair type?




Firstly, I made sure to ask every hair stylist and make-up artist featured in this article whether they were confident with all tones and types of skin and hair, as there’s no place for division or alienation here (as London-based bridal make up artist Laura Anne Makeup says: “Knowing how to apply makeup to enhance every woman is key to a successful business in this field.”) . Lucy St John summed it up when she replied “Simple answer – yes!”


Zoe from Knot Your Average Bride continues, “You should feel confident in knowing that the person you have chosen is completely qualified, which means no matter the skin tone or hair type, they should be able to cater to your needs.” Jules Daniels stressed the importance of a wedding makeup artist having a well stocked kit, as she explains: “I ensure I carry makeup and skincare for ALL of my clients, whether it be you have dry, dehydrated, normal or oily skin, and foundation shades from the lightest porcelain to the deepest chestnut tone.” To check this, Rebel Rock recommend asking the supplier for a good range of pictures of their past work, to ensure you’re confident in their ability and experience.



So, where should you look for a good HMUA?


Amy George Make-Up Artist suggests social media is a great place to start. “As it’s so visual, you can really get a feel for the make-up artist’s style by scrolling through their feed,” she explains. (And, if they’re anything like Amy, you can get a feel for their incredible personality too.) Zoe suggests following certain hashtags to find the supplier who’ll nail the perfect style for you: “Did you know you can search and follow certain hashtags such as #coolweddinghair for a more refined search, too?”


Amy also recommends wedding fairs as a way of meeting potential suppliers: “Not the naff ones, but the cool ones like The Un-Wedding are also the perfect way to find one as you can meet the artist there and then. Your other wedding suppliers will often usually have suggestions too, and your fave wedding blog will always have a recommended suppliers list.”


And speaking of recommendations – don’t forget the old-fashioned way of finding suppliers! Ask around for recommendations, whether that’s asking friends, family or colleagues in real life for their good experiences, or asking your hivemind on facebook. “There are so many options to choose from that it can be confusing, so for me nothing comes better than firsthand recommendations.” Nicola Honey explains. Just make sure you’re discerning with the replies, as Lucy St John warns: “Recommendations are always a good first step, but make sure you have full respect for the person who is doing the recommending!”


Bridal Make up by Laura Anne Make Up


What should you be looking for in your wedding hair and make up artist?


Laura Anne says the important thing when looking for your bridal beauty artist is “choosing someone who creates images of hair/makeup that you aspire to have yourself, together with keeping in mind locations and budgets too.” As Zoe also explains, you want to be inspired by the work they’re putting out: most wedding hair and make-up artists will be able to execute a number of styles flawlessly, but they will always have their preferred styles and you should choose someone who slays the style you want for the day.


But once you’ve found someone who you’re confident is technically incredible and style-wise on point with the vibe you’re going for, it’s also important to see whether you get on with them as a person or not. They’re going to be with you on one of the most important days of your life. Plus, as Laura Anne points out, are usually the first supplier you see on the day so they really set the tone for how you’re feeling! This means it’s super important you connect with them and have loads of fun with them. Zoe points out that you can usually get a good idea of their personality via their social media, particularly if they use instagram stories (like she does, super well!), but the first email or phone call should give you a good indication of whether or not a connection is there.


This is also a good indication of their level of professionalism, Lucy St John points out – they can be professional and good fun! “I still like to make phone calls to ensure that a top H&MUA has good social skills, and I test how quickly they respond via email! There’s no point having a talented stylist if they’re unreliable and can’t interact with people.” Amy George also highlights (geddit?!) that part of this is making sure you look for a make-up artist who is calm, organised, and has a very clean kit too.


Advice from a wedding photographer. How to find your perfect bridal make up artist.


What is a bridal trial? How do they work?


In the same way that you’ve probably tried your wedding dress or outfit on before the day itself, so you can (and should, if you can!) do with your hair and make-up. It’s a chance to meet up with the artist before the big day to check all of the above, and to also talk through the styles you want and try them out on you to make sure they’re exactly what you’re dreaming of. Once you tell them about your plans for the wedding and the vibe you’re going for, Amy recommends that they should be able to offer you a couple of make-up looks to suit you and your wedding. Jules also stresses the importance of trials, saying: “Use this time to REALLY and honestly say what you think. The best makeup artists will ALWAYS Take on your feedback so that you are 100% happy and confident.” Remember, the whole point of a trial is to make sure you get it right – so don’t be afraid to speak up if things aren’t quite there! (Jules’ website also has loads of great, helpful tips for trials:


Rebel Rock also point out the importance of seeing how your make-up and hair photographs, and the trial is a great time to do this. It’s probably going to be the most photographed day of your life, and the memory you have to keep forever!


What do you think makes a fun wedding?


Nicola Honey says the key to a fun wedding is a relaxed atmosphere at the beginning. “If everyone starts the day light-hearted and calm, the love and fun of the day filters through to the rest of it!” Lucy St John adds “The couple! I don’t have much interaction with the groom often, but the loveliest experiences I’ve had are when meet a prodie who is genuinely in love and excited about seeing friends and family, rather than the full focus being on how everything looks (from herself to the venue). Of course, these things are important, but insecurities shouldn’t be a the forefront. This is a chance to let yourself go, relax, and have the best day of your life with those who matter most.”


How to find your perfect bridal make up artist


What do you wish all couples knew?


Every single one of these lovely suppliers either said how fast the day goes, or not to sweat the small stuff because at the end of the day it’s about the pair of you and your love. What absolute gems!




Laura Anne Makeup has over 16 years of experience and training in the industry, allowing her to offer brides a completely bespoke service to create something you’ll ultimately LOVE – whether it’s natural, radiant makeup with relaxed, soft hair, or a smokey dramatic look with chic, sleek hair.



Lucy St John prides herself and her team on getting brides looking like the, at their best, naturally – whether this is super glam or quite low-key. By taking the time in getting to know their clients, Lucy and her team can ensure they get it right every time. Her website is chocfull of great resources, including helpful videos, clear, transparent pricing, and a newsletter which contains some handy hints. Plus, when you book with them, you get a really helpful tips sheet too!




Knot Your Average Bride was created to give brides a timeless, effortlessly beautiful hair and make-up style that not only made them look amazing, but feel amazing too. Lighthearted, fun, and totally personal to each and every client, Zoe makes sure her services means brides don’t have to fit in a mould but can celebrate them in their uniqueness. I’d highly recommend following Zoe on insta where she does regular stories and tutorials; plus, her blog will soon be updated with loads of tips and tricks!


Jules Daniels is a Manchester-based make-up artist with serious creative flair. Her favourite bridal style is when skin looks like skin, and eyes are sultry and smoky. According to Jules, “TO see a brides’ face when she looks at herself in the mirror on the morning of the wedding is the best feeling in the world” – so she definitely deals in the business of good feelings too! Her website is a treasure trove, with loads of info about trials, transparent pricing, and a huge gallery of her gorgeous work.



Rebel Rock are a sister duo specialising in hair and beauty with strong feminine style and a pinch of rock n roll. They love versatile beauty, which you can see on their website in all of their pictures (plus, they have a super explanation of the bridal process from trial to aisle:


Amy George Make-Up Artist is a fun, loving, super-kind soul whose passion in life is making people feel amazing and oh so beautiful. With a fresh, natural and modern approach to makeup, whilst always being a little bit different, you’ll fall in love with her on your wedding day and want her round every day afterwards!



Nicola Honey creates flawless, timeless make-up for your big day to most importantly help you feel like you. Especially loving different, retro, or slightly quirky vibes, taking a blank canvas and making it the bride’s perfect vision is what she adores to do. Her website also has a super useful “Friends” section to see recommended suppliers, and also a Tips section to help you get the most out of your beauty!


How to find your perfect bridal make up artist


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How to choose your cool wedding stationer

How to choose your cool wedding stationer

Tips for finding the perfect wedding stationery

Save the Dates and invites are hands down one of the most exciting parts of a wedding for me as a guest. There’s little in this world that’s as exciting as receiving stuff other than bills through the post, especially if they’re celebrating something wonderful. Extra points if they’re beautifully designed! But how do you find someone who’s going to be able to put your thoughts and visions into paper for your day? There can be a lot of pressure riding on it as you’re often told it will ‘set the tone’ for your wedding as the first thing people see of it. We asked 4 incredible stationers to share their expert advice on how the wedding stationery process works, how to choose your wedding stationer, and where to begin with designing it.

LuckyInk Oh baby card

LuckyInk Oh baby card

It’s okay to change your mind

The first thing to know, Lauren from Harriett and Joel says, is that it’s ok to change your mind about your wedding theme and style from your save the dates to your invites. “From a practical point of view, I’ve designed so many save the dates, and by the time we start designing the invitations their ideas have changed completely – which is totally ok!” Hopefully that eases the pressure a little before we deep-dive in…

What’s the process for ordering stationery?

There are two categories of wedding stationery: custom and non. Custom work is when the design is created for you from scratch, and non-custom is when an existing suite design is tweaked to fit your details. The timing differs depending on which option you go for, but as a guide, Nat from the uber cool wedding stationery design studio Keady Row has taken us through her process:

“- Couple get in touch

– We put a quote together based on what they need

– If they’re happy to go ahead, we send a proposal with all the details of the job along with an info form for the couple to fill out and send back

– We send design ideas via email

– The couple come back with comments or feedback

– We make any changes and send the updated files

– Once the couple are happy with their chosen design we send final print proofs for approval

– The stationery is delivered around 12-15 working days later! (the best part)”

From LuckyInk – Death do us party

How far in advance should you be ordering your wedding stationery?

Speaking of timings – where and when the hell do you start? Holly, the letterpress stationery wizard from Lucky Ink, explains it’s all dependent on the style of wedding you’re planning. “For a destination wedding, a year in advance is courtesy in order for guests to plan and book time off. Ideally, I like to allow a 2 month design to press process – stationers get booked up in advance and a lot of us only like to take a set amount of clients on at once!”

Rachel from Rachel Emma Studio echoes this sentiment. “It’s never really too early to start working with a wedding stationer (well, maybe 10 years is a bit keen.) A lot of “official” advice online will tell you that traditionally invites are sent out 6-8 weeks before the wedding, which I personally think is cutting it fine and gives me major second hand wedding anxiety! As a rough guideline, most of the couples I work with send out Save The Dates around 8 months before, and their main invitations approx 3-4 months beforehand. This gives you plenty of time to receive RSVPs and chase up pesky stragglers!”

But remember, you need to add design and printing time to that timeline too! And if you’re already on a shorter timeframe than the above, don’t panic – every single one of our lovely stationers said that they will always try and accommodate shorter timeframes where necessary.

How to find your wedding stationer

“Couples should be looking for a stationer whose design style matches in with the vision and vibe that they have for their wedding,” Nat says. “Otherwise, it’s frustrating for both the couple and the stationer as they try and get the designs to line up with what they have in mind.” This can be both in style – for example, watercolour, graphic, typographic, illustrative – and in printing method – letterpress, digital, etc.

“Another thing to consider is if you want all of your stationery to match,” Rachel adds. “If you want all of your on-the-day stuff like place cards and signs to match your invites, just check that your stationer can do those other elements so that you’re not disappointed down the line!”


And, as with anything, it’s super important to find a supplier you feel comfortable with. Holly says “You want a supplier that makes you feel at ease, and is confident about explaining the process and expectations from both sides. Weddings are a huge expense so you need to feel happy that you can give your suppliers a task and they will deliver a service that will take the worry away from you.”

As small businesses are usually one person bands, it’s usually just as important to the supplier as it is to you! Holly goes on, “Every client is a huge deal and you get a better personal service because their business is built on passion for a craft. It is so important to me that all my clients enjoy and understand the process, quality and love the finished results. If you have any worries or budgets, it’s good to chat through all ideas with your stationer as they will be able to advise you on all options available.”

Lauren backs this up, saying “When I first meet a client, I love to ask a million questions and really get to know them to understand any thoughts and ideas they may have. Creating a Pinterest board is my favourite way to do this – it’s an easy way of seeing what someone is picturing inside their head!”

Can you use the design on other stuff?

This totally depends on your stationer and the agreement you’ve made with them. For Lauren, it works like this: “If your design is totally bespoke to you, then once you’ve paid for it you’re free to use it how you wish. Often, we’re happy to help – we’ve designed a monogram for one couple that appeared on all of their wedding stationery, and they then asked if they could use it across other aspects. They had it iced on their cake and engraved onto an ice sculpture!”

The key is to always ask. “All design copyrights are owned by the original designer and are bought by the client for a specific purpose,” Holly explains. “So if you want to use the imagery or designs somewhere ,it’s a good idea to chat to your stationer about it. Generally I have no problem with providing additional artwork for this purpose. However, I sometimes collaborate with other designers, illustrators and calligraphers, so it’s important that everyone is informed and copyright respected!”

What makes a really fun wedding?

“I wish all coupes knew not to put so much pressure on getting everything “perfect” – this usually means that their design becomes way too safe, a bit cookie cutter and a wee bit boring.” Nat says. “A relaxed couple who are staying true to themselves makes for relaxed guests and allows everyone to be themselves and have fun!”


For Lauren, it’s the music: “Good music is a MUST. I will always be the first on the dance floor at any wedding!”. And for Rachel, it’s all the bespoke touches: “I think the most fun thing for your guests is when they find out more about you as a couple on your wedding day. It’s the personal touches, the in-jokes and the unique details that people remember. Along with music, plenty of food and the odd cocktail or two, obviously…”

Harriett & Joel are a wedding stationers inspired by all things individual and alternative with a passion for anything a little bit different and a love for monochrome.

Keady Row are the queen and king of cool wedding stationery: they’re a stationery design studio with a contemporary, minimal and distilled style, with an emphasis on typography for design conscious couples. They’re basically an art form all in themselves

Lucky Ink is a letterpress and hot foil stationery studio – and it’s not just the foil that’s hot. Holly’s style is clean, crisp typography with luxury tactile finishes, hand pressed onto beautiful papers. Whether you’re looking for a gorgeous tonal combination or a pop of colour for letterbox joy, their stunning suites will get your hearts racing and your guests RSVPing quicker than ever before.

Rachel Emma Studio is a wedding styling studio creating colourful, sassy and shiny stationery with a personal touch. She loves to design extraordinary weddings for super cool couples – which I know is you!


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