Fun Wedding Photography for Urban Couples

Alright love! I’m Rowan.

I’m the woman behind the camera at Parrot & Pineapple Wedding Photography. I created Parrot & Pineapple to provide fun wedding photography, full of colour and meaning, for urban couples throughout the UK. After living in London for nearly 10 years I have fallen in love with the urban environment and the vibrancy of life in a city. I find so much inspiration with an urban wedding – whether the venue is an architectural gem, an industrial relic or a cosy neighbourhood boozer – the layers of history create a theatre of delight for a modern wedding.

About You

You’re marrying your best friend and you probably don’t feel like a traditional couple; so you’re not looking for traditional wedding photography. I’m guessing that your wedding day is being organised around having fun and making the most of your time with all the people that you love the most in the world. You might be a little nervous in front of the camera, but that’s OK, I am too (I’m happiest behind the lens!). By the time you are reading this you might be a little fed up with wedding planning and feeling like you might just throw the towel in and elope (this is actually completely normal). It’s OK, you’ll get there. Keep going!

Celebration of your lives

I’m a documentary photographer at heart, I like to get inside a story to capture moments and the essence of a wedding day. You’ll find me right in the middle of the action, camera in hand. I believe that it’s the people that make a wedding day so special, not traditions or meeting expectations. I relish working with a couple that want their wedding day to be filled with exactly what they love. So, if you’re planning a wedding that’s based around just having a great time with all your family and friends, then I’d love to be your wedding photographer.

If you’d like to see the kind of weddings I have photographed and my style please check out my portfolio.

Nice Words

“Rowan has a fantastic mix of being extremely relaxed, good fun and most importantly, superb at organising people! The photos taken really captured the vibe of the wedding. Everybody loved them! Rowan was excellent at being present and commanding at points and totally invisible at others.”

Every wedding is different…

That’s what I really love – a wedding day that’s as unique as you both are. I know that planning a wedding is hard, it’s easy to get caught up in all the details and find inspiration for what’s really you. In my blog I have some great great examples of how my clients have made their wedding day all about them.

I don’t believe that a wedding is a fairy tale ending, but instead it’s the beginning of a new reality. It can be pretty hectic in the run up to a wedding, so I’ve tried to share as much wisdom as I’ve learned while on the ride. Get a cuppa, put your feet up and have a browse.

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